Written by Adrian

19 Jun 2007

After the recent event with our visitor Colin, I decided to ask my wife why she hadn't mentioned what had happened and if she had regretted it. She told me that she had been embarrassed at getting carried away and letting Colin fuck her in front of me and thought that I might be angry with her. I told her that the opposite was true, that I had found the whole thing tremendously exciting and was pleased it had happened. When I said that we could try it again if she liked, she said that no one would find her attractive. She is in her early 50's with a plump and curvy body and the skin of a much younger woman. I reminded her that Colin had fucked her twice in the space of 20 minutes and that other men would also find her sexy.

When I asked is she would have a preference out of people we know, she immediately replied "what about Anthony?". I was surprised at her quick response (she must have been thinking about it already) but not her choice. Anthony is one of my golf buddies who I also meet after work for a drink every Monday as his office is near mine. He is in his early thirties, good looking and divorced. I also knew from seeing him in the shower at the golf club that he had a very large penis, at least when limp, which worried me as I am average size at best and I risked feeling inadequate if anything came of this. Before I could back out however, she said "why don't you bring him back for dinner after your drinks this evening". I readily agreed as the idea was starting to grow on me.

After a couple of drinks that evening I decided that honesty was the best course as I have known Anthony for a long time. When I told him what had happened with Colin and that he would be top of my wife's list for the next time, he looked very pleased with himself and admitted that he had often fantasised about her, despite the age difference. We had a deal.

After dinner, my wife went upstairs while Anthony and I went into the TV room to watch the news. After about 10 minutes my wife came in with the coffee in nothing but her flimsy dressing gown, as we had agreed in advance. As she bent over to put the tray on the coffee table. I put my hand inside the dressing gown and started to rub her thighs and bottom. In no time, she was lying on her back on the sofa and we were both kissing her neck and breasts. Anthony quickly got on to his knees in front of the sofa and started to lick her thighs before he moved straight to her pussy with his tongue. He was licking her clitoris and labia while I continued to kiss her and stroke her breasts and erect nipples. Much earlier than I had planned, after only a couple of minutes, Anthony stood up and removed his trousers and underpants to reveal his penis which was about 9 inches long and much thicker than mine. He quickly rolled a condom over it and moved between my wife's legs ready to enter her. I could tell that she wasn't yet ready as However, she pushed my hand out of the way so she could see the size of him as he moved closer. He entered her with surprising ease given his size, probably because of his saliva and her own juices. and my wife let out a long "ooooooo" as he slowly pushed it all the way in. I bent down to get a closer look of her lips being stretched apart when Anthony suddenly began to thrust quickly and came within no more than 15 seconds. He rolled to the side while apologising and as I took his place, my wife just said “don't worry". She seemed to have been taken unawares by this turn of events and although she appeared to be enjoying my own thrusts, I could tell that she was not really in the mood any more. Perhaps it was my smaller size or just disappointment that she never had the chance to really feel what it was like with Anthony inside her. After a minute of rather mechanical sex, I came. So much for my worries about my inferior size I thought. Anthony was just lying on the sofa looking up, not saying anything, while his erection disappeared. The whole thing had been a disaster.

I left the room to take a shower and I heard my wife offer to show him how the shower worked in the spare room as it was faulty. After about 10 minutes, I came out of my shower and walked along to the spare room. I could see my wife in the stand up en-suite shower, slowly wanking Anthony's now hard again penis while he was fingering her pussy. Without saying anything she turned to face the shower wall, arched her back and reached back to guide Anthony's penis into her from behind while he bent both knees to get the right angle of entry. She then placed one hand above her against the wall and began rubbing her clit with the other while Anthony placed one hand on her hip and the other on her shoulder. He started to fuck her slowly and deliberately, almost pulling out each time before pushing harder all the way in. My wife began to moan in rhythm with his thrusts and kept moving her hand over her pussy to feel it going in. As he pumped harder, her moans became louder until she said " faster, taster" in a low voice at which point Anthony tightened his grip on her hip and shoulder and started thrusting furiously. At one point he pulled out too far, his penis waving in the air momentarily, before my wife reached behind her to insert it again. With his rapid movements, my wife now had to place both hands against the wall to help keep her balance and then started to moan even louder. She then lifted her right leg to allow extra penetration, and, with a grunt, came for the first time that evening. I thought that Anthony would come too but instead he quickly withdrew, turned her round so her back was against the wall, lifted her left leg with his hand under her knee and entered her again from the front. My wife placed her left hand on to his buttock and her right arm round his neck. At this point I realised that he wasn't wearing a condom but all thoughts of protest were lost when moved her hair back as it was plastered over her face and I could see that she was very flushed. She opened her eyes, looked over at me just a few feet away, and gave me a wonderful smile that said everything. For what must have been the next 10 minutes, Anthony pounded away at her like a man possessed, she was shouting “ yes, yes, keep going” and then moaning in time with his thrusts. I was amazed that he could keep going at that pace. Occasionally my wife would open her eyes to look at me but each time she would quickly close them again as the pleasure became too much. She seemed to be gasping for air now and just as I was starting to worry that it might be too much for her, Anthony shouted that he was going to come. The pounding continued for about another 30 seconds with my wife shouting “yes, yes, yes” until with one final thrust he was finished. My wife slumped against him and slowly began to get her breath back

I was hard myself again and couldn’t wait to feel what it would be like to fuck my wife after such a hard pounding and with two loads of sperm inside her. As I moved towards her, however, she put her hand on my chest and said “please don’t, I can’t.” Her legs were giving way beneath her and she said that her pussy was now feeling increasingly sore. I realised that aged over 50 her body was not used to taking this kind of a pounding so I gallantly agreed and helped her back to our room.

As Anthony was leaving, he thanked me for a special evening (he also loves my wife’s excellent cooking) and then surprised me by asking if we might “play as a foursome next time”. By this he meant asking our two other golf buddies to join in. This I was not ready for. The other two are not the most attractive men around – one is short and fat with a face like Mel Smith while the other looks like Gareth from The Office. I know that “Mel” treats his women badly while “Gareth” struggles to find women who will go out with him and only has sex with prostitutes as far as I know. I was not attracted by the prospect of letting them at my wife, particularly as they would be far less considerate than Anthony who respected my wife’s limits on activity such as oral sex. I also knew that it would be much harder to retain control over the situation with three other men in the room. What should I do I wondered. I know that both men watch lot of porn and might ask (or even force) my wife to do things she would not like. This will be a difficult decision for me.