Written by luv2play2

7 Jun 2015

My wife knows what turns me on and this morning we had arranged to go to a gig with a few friends.

We got up and was getting our stuff together when my mrs said she had to go get more provisions . She went shopping for just over half an hour and then we all got on the road to go to the gig.

We arrived , got drinks and was dancing in the sunshine , my wife sat down on the grass and asked me to come sit facing her , she was wearing a pair of those dress shorts things which I love because when she sits down you can usually see inside and glimpse her knickers or if she has none on the side of her pussy lips , i usually glance round to see if anybody is looking , if she sees someone taking a sly look she opens and closes her knees to let them get a better look and smiles at me knowingly.

Anyway , as I sat down near her she had a hoody over her legs , she whispered in my ear to put my hand under the hoody and slip my fingers into her knickers and feel how wet she was which is not uncommon

I moved my hand under the hoody and into her shorts , has I was pushing her knickers to the side I could already feel how damp they were, my finger slipped into her pussy with ease as she was soaking wet, Christ I said , what's got you so turned on that's made you so wet?

Lick them clean she said smiling.

I did.

She then leaned over again and whispered " it's actually Danny,s cum , I didn't go shopping , i went to Danny,s sucked his cock and then he fucked me and left all his spunk in me and it was loads , some was running down my leg when I was dancing before as well , she giggled , stood up and continued dancing with the others .

All day she kept hinting little things and smiling .

Horny as fuck my wife and I love it that way