Written by Hh 4x

6 Jun 2013

As I said before Brian had now had Debs my wife twice that last time I could see it was jest a game to him he had got lucky with an older woman he had no interests in her or making any thing of it we been used

It had created a serious problem Debs couldn't see that it was the first time she experienced another man apart from me and at the time I didn't quite realize the effect it had on her it was more sexually than emotionally she experienced a younger man that had the energies and performance I had lost I was suffering from a medical problem that left me almost impotent the only real erection I had in months was when I watching them and the fact Brian is better endowed than me, the worrying thing was Debs had made that plain she loved his extra size and it had made a lot of difference to her

So where do we go from here Debs was upset when she realized I was right in fact she had called him a number of times getting excuses and ones say he be round and never turned up

She didn't want to stop so we started going out like we did before okay she got chatted up lots of time but the blokes didn't seem the right sort or jest put her off

I could see the frustration building in her I wasn't doing her much if any good in bed that Brian I imagined had triggered some thing in her and it wasn't going away

That was the time we found the internet we looked on dating sites we found this one and a couple of others not quite know how it all worked we started to find out in the end we joined one the next step was an advert this is where Debs wasn't to happy about putting a photo on there in the end she could see she need to so we did with a profile

Our add could of been worded better thinking about it now but Christ it did seem to do the trick we where snowed under with reply's we where ages looking at them and more came in I do know Debs was looking at them when I was at work she wouldn't admit to that at first

Getting to the point she choose about six it was still up in the are on that when I went to work that day when I got home that evening she told me she had replied to them I was surprised when messages started to come back none where the ones on the first list four out of the six where black men two white over the next few days two more black guys got added she was now messaging them in the end she was emailing two it turned out both where West Indians we never discuses the fact they where black I had got left out of all this as most of it was done day time she seemed happy hiding behind a computer that is what is really happening in these cases I was also to find out later she got herself a new email address so I didn't get to see all what was said by a long way in the blokes profiles they both said single and large endowments both younger than us and both liked mature woman marred or single

It was no more than week after that my wife was talking about meeting one of them we weren't to sure what is expected when this happens it seems it was going to be a face to face meet and chat no more it was going to happen some thirty miles away half way between us of all places a serious station, so we where in star bucks waiting and this guy came in it had to be him he was about the only black guy in there at the time but he came in from a side door not the car park one

After the introductions with him shacking my hand and lot of small talk they both seemed to be getting on really well he had moved round to sit beside my wife and been saying thing in a low voice to each other so they are not be over hears by other people I think after a time he said to me I am going to loo and it give you two a chance to have a chat

After he had gone I asked what he meant Debs said well there is a Days Inn here and he has a room over there and he wants me us to go over there I was more surprised by that not expecting things to happen that fast if at all

I said well do you want to quite casual she said yes I would I was saying are you sure we jest meet him when he came back ignoring me my wife said with a smile shall we go to him as she stood up he smiled at me and said good

On the walk over he said when we get there I have to stop in the doorway and him and my wife will go and speak to the girl at the desk and when she not looking I am to go to lift and go to the first floor as they went in he pressed the button on the lift the doors opened they said some thing to the girl she seemed to be looking for some thing I went to life and up to the first floor got out and waited

The lift went down then came back up as the doors opened they where snogging they got out saying to me down here I fallowed them he stopped at a door swiped the key we all went in

As soon as we where in there he was getting undressed ending up in jest a tight fitting pants the bulge at the front was enormous he was shiny black very musically a really fit guy his attention was on my wife now he helped take her dress off leaving her in her underwear she had her back to me he had his arms round her picking at her bra he jest got it undone when he said to me are jest watching or joining in I was shocked by that he then added it up to you take photos if you like I don't mind

This was a different ball game to any thing that had happened before he must of done this loads of time with other couples, by then my seemed to doing some thing between there bodies her arm was moving he stepped back a little she was then pushing his pants down she was looking down she let a gasp out what ever it was has surprised her his pants got round his ankles he kicked them away that made them move round a bit I could now see what had surprised her fuck me large that's a understatement blood massive would be a better way of putting it I thought Brian had a big on and Debs did I am sure but Christ he was only a boy compered to this one I am sure my wife didn't expect he be this size she told me later the pictures he sent he always been slack in them I now understood why she asked if all men get longer and bigger when erect I had told her some stay about the same size but get stiff that was wrong about this one for sure

HE then lay on the bed my wife almost ripped her knickers off before joining him he lay back as she started to lick and suck the monster I really felt shy about getting mine out

She was now doing her best to give a blow job he said to me get a close as you like mate

get a good look he got his legs apart and my god what a pier of bollocks he had he knew where I was looking saying loads of baby making milk in there for her if you ever want her bread not understanding what he meant I said okay

By then Debs had really got her hands full let alone her mouth he had a full erection and what a wonderful looking thing it was long a bit of a curve upwards he was uncut a long floppy foreskin drew right back the head was rounded not fanged unlike Brian's the shaft was jet black but the head was almost purple it was shinny with spit an pr-cum I wondered how the hell was my wife going to accommodate that she maybe over confident after managing Brian's it wan't going to long before we found out

He was ready he rolled my wife onto her back he started by snogging her he then went down to suck on each nipple she started to really respond to that he kissed his way down her tummy her breath was getting labored when he was on top of her pussy she was gasping here was a man that knew his way round a pussy god she was in heaven he got her off

That was the sigh he wanted to mount her he got her in position where he wanted her it was going to be the missionary position he got that black beasts of his lined up foreskin right back and started to make his entry another white wife was going to be his

The penetration began slow but not easy this was not the first one he broke in by the way he was doing it my dear wife was now struggling to accommodate him I am glad he didn't rip her apart as some men that size may of done his ridged back shaft sank into her body a inch a time parting her internally I was glad she had a decent size bloke a few times before it must of helped she lay still letting it happen her breathing was much heaver now taken deep breaths she started to make noises gasps and little grunting sounds I wondered what damage he may do but women are very elastic inside it be the depth he was going to penetrate her would be the thing whether she able to accommodate it all

It was then he did seem to stop he still had some to go hard to say how much

It was then he picked her legs up getting them over his shoulders he pursed then jerked his hips there was squeal from my wife he did it again she screamed this time but he was home ball deep she been taken they where as one locked on a huge breeding rod buried deep inside her I was witnessing a white woman my wife going black for the first time

I was wired the expression on Debs face a cross between pain and pleasure as her stud stated to move it went to pain but quickly fallowed by pleasure he was ruing my wife for ever to what sort of cock she want or in fact need after he had done with her

The fucking had pick up a pace he was not pounding her as yet that was to come at first she was almost pined to the bed he started to give more freedom I was astonished how quickly she tried to move with him he let start to buck under him knowing he got her I was surprised now quickly that started the noise she was making got louder he let her go I could see a white ring round his cock it wasn't from him she was climaxing on his cock she was now fucking herself like wild woman with climaxes ripping threw her

He then took over ridding her she started an intense climax arching up to him he fucked her harder taken her right threw it she collapsed under him that was over ten minutes of pure fucking as he had started moving

She lay there gasping for breath he was a long way off finishing it seemed a rush to get her on her knees she had her ares in the air a damaged pussy gaped open as he got behind her it took one really hard thrust to impale himself inside her once more which mad her scream this time she was going to get it no mercy they where in the middle of the bed when he started as he fucked her he drover her up to the head of the bed now trapped there she had to take his full force the slapping and the noises she was making filled the room my god did he fuck her he lasted about fifteen minutes I watched his balls go tight under him any second he was going to seed her he started grunting holding her hips his meat buried in her as deep as he could get it his body jerked I sure she felt it she gasped as the first load of black sperm was pumped deep inside her he held himself there as if making sure she got all his spunk where it need to go I was right beside the bed as he slowly pulled out he looked at me and said you going to clean her up her pussy was gaping open at first nothing came out he pulled the lips open more and said her it is there was the two of us looking it flooded out after that how much he shot up her I don't know a blood load of it

It turned out he was one go guy with out a long rest in the cat afterwards he said he come to ours laughing saying she need a few session he also said to me I will cuckold you if you want me to I didn't know what he meant he said to Debs you are one tight bitch I want more of you if you want me a your BULL it be good he gave us his phone number and also told me I have a parking ticket by now I did get on for over staying that the start of my wife becoming a slut to black men and a size queen