17 Jul 2018

Mrs at the office,

Well with warm weather of late. I had been asking the Mrs C to wear skirts to work as I know she loves the attention from guys. I kept joking as well about not wearing knickers. But she kept saying no not at work.

Anyone a new young lad had recently started and she kept going on about how fit he was.

A few days later she comes home from work wear a skirt and one of her see thought tops. Puzzled I asked her was it hot at work. She smiles and said kind of it got hot from lunch time onwards. And winked at me. Turned round bent over to take her shoes off. And flashed me her bare freaky shaved pussy.

Turns out the new young lad had been flirting with her since he started. And she fancied see if he was all talk or not.

She had decided to go with the shirt skirt bra and light top. As she know how sexy I think she looks but it worked.

That morning on arrival to work the new lad commented on never seeing her legs out. To which Mrs C said it’s been really hot and she wanted to cooler.

C told that as the morning went on she kept spinning her chair round to talk to him face to face which is normal in there office. But she usually has her legs crossed. But with no knickers on she left her legs open. She could see him always long between her legs at her pussy. As her skirt was fairly short.

Part way though their morning she goes out for a smoke break on her own. But this time the lad asked if he could joiner her. Which he did.

While out side they got talking about work as you do. Then he dropped into conversation. “ you looking very hot today and I could see you not in too knickers sorry I couldn’t help but notice”

C came back with... that fine I like the fresh air around my pussy as it keeps her fresh.

The lad asked does you husband know. Yes of course he does he encourages me to be free. The lad asks how free is that? c tells him if you come to the store room at the back of the yard I’ll show you. And winks at him.

They head off to the store as when they get there she is straight to the point. And tells him to get his cock out then. He does and he’s sporting a good 7inch hard on.

Mrs C proceeds to get down on her knees and starts to suck him off. She only does this for a few minutes then gets up and says we best get back to the office before people as where they are.

As lunch time comes around the lad asks C what’s she doing for lunch. Normally she will go for a drive to get away for the office. He asks if he could come with her today.

Lunch time comes round and they both leave making out that hey are nipping to the shops together for lunch.

The pair of them drive off to the local woodland park. Where’s he car park is empty. She gets out to go for her walk round the lake. And the pair of the head off. Mrs C noticed that he had a hard on and asked the lad you still hard from earlier. He says no just when we were driving out here ou skirt rod up and I could just make out your pussy. She laughed and asks him straight outs... do you want to fuck me then?

He wastes no time at all saying yes and she leads off the track in to the woods. They find a clearing. Mrs C gets down on all fours and and pulls her skirt up over the back side show off her butt hole and pussy. Which apparently was already soaking wet. The lad quick unzips and gets his cock out and kneels down behind her. And slips straight into her pussy. He’s right into a hard fast ponding rhythm. She could feel his balls slapping on her clit. It’s not very long before she can feel him twitch and then bang shot his load in side her. Now he’s finished Mrs C squats down to let the cum drip out of her pussy. She rides her self up a bit. And the make their way back to the car.

For the rest of the day in the office he keeps looking at her and smiling.

Since then he’s asked her if they can do it again. To which she’s said yes. Can’t wait for when this happened again.