Written by hollie

20 May 2010

this is a story I never thought I would write

my wife and I have been married for many years and are in our early 60,s and I was the only sexual partner she had had in her life.

For a long time I tried to get my wife of many years to have sex with another man, for some reason the idea always excited me.

my suggestions always fell on deaf ears, there was no way she was going to do something like that

after a while I got her to watch cams with me, she liked looking at guys with big cocks ( no idea why ) then cam with some of them it was a bit of fun nothing more then we cammed with one particular guy who appealed, tall slim fit with a large cock she loved watching him,.

we discussed meeting him, same story, then she started to cam and chat with him more frequently,

before long they were wanking on cam together and she was cumming buckets,

this got her more and more excited until at last she agreed to meet him.

the day arrived we discussed all the rules beforehand she wasnt going to suck him nor have him fuck her and should she change her mind he was not going to cum inside her, only a bit of mutual play,

those rules lasted at least 5 mins, once they had their clothes off she dived for his cock and was sucking him without prompting, cumming over and over under his clever fingers then begging him to fuck her.

the noises she was making were amazing oh g-d oh g-d fuck me fuck me please fuck me then when he was going to cum she pleaded with him to cum inside her.

then she rubbed his cum into her clit to make herself cum again

this quiet shy wife of mine in the space of 1 hour had become a sex hungry slut

and i loved every min.

so if any ladies have any doubts dont, my wifes only regret is that she hadnt done it ages ago