Written by Lucky husband

3 Apr 2009

We had been married for fifteen years. Our sex life was frequent but very average until we went on holiday and she declared that it was time she let her hair down !! Sally had a great time getting Mark our Centre Parcs neighbour back into sex after leaving me to look after the kids so she could miss behave. We spent the whole of the next day with him and his lad and they again ran riot on the activities. Sally un characteristically had the odd drink during the day which clearly had kept up her “Dutch courage” and I saw her sneak the odd grope with Mark when he thought I would not notice. Even though Sally had shagged me to death earlier my cock was frequently straining against my pants !

We had decided to have a BBQ at our cabin that evening as it had the sun on the patio until it went down completely. The kids went off to sleep for the night and we eat like lords. Sally was very naughty she took it in turns almost to go between Mark and myself openly teasing and flirting. She was dressed in a smart but very short skirt and I sadly did not realise she was not wearing tights/stockings or pants at all !! We ate and drank to excess and retired to the lounge area where we had an open fire burning away. We had not sat down long when Mark said casually lets play cards. In a flash Sally said to me Darling why don’t you go and run our big Hydro bath and we can all get naked in there instead. Off I trotted to the bathroom thinking “who said get naked at all” but then it sounded fun !! The bath took a while to run and in my odd peek back into the lounge through the crack in the door I could see Sally snogging Mark, Her hands were everywhere but the poor chap sat on the sofa with his hands to his side. Whether he was taken by shock or was worried by my reaction I do not know.

I gave a quick peek as the bath filled and noticed he had loosened up and had his hand between her legs. She was moaning noisily.

Feeling that I needed to get into this game I stripped off and opened the door naked saying anyone joining me then. In one move Sally lifted off her skirt revealing her naked gorgeous looking body. She is a size 16 lower half and 14 top with heavy tits to die for. She led Mark over with him pulling off his clothes on the way.

We all got comfy in the bath bubbles going when Sally reached over to my cock and started to massage me, I could see her other arm moving in tandem, Marks eyes were tightly closed and he was moaning lightly. After a while he developed a bit of a strained expression and I think he put his hand on Sally’s to stop her wanking him. I suspect he was getting close to coming as I was not far away. Mark still a bit apprehensive looked Sally straight in the eyes and said it is hot in here and sat on the edge of the bath with just his legs in the water. She looked at me with a triumphant look in her eye and asked naughtily, Marks cock needs a bit of attention do you mind if I suck him, She had the dirtiest smile on her face so I kissed her and said go ahead !! Mark had his I cannot believe it face on right up until Sally pushed him back against the wall and deeply sucked him. I had the perfect side on view of his cock slowly moving and out of my wife’s mouth. I was almost as good as one of those once in a lifetime sunsets and I wished so much that I had got a camera. I watched for a good couple of minutes Sally was going really easy on him but giving the full tongue treatment. She was holding my hand all of the time and I felt no anxiety at all, It felt pretty much a natural thing between three nice people !! After a while she pulled my arm towards her rear which she had arched beautifully out of the water. As I started to move she whispered “fuck me slowly” and so I positioned myself behind her and slid my aching cock into her pussy. We carried on like this for a good ten minutes in which time Sally got progressively noisier and noisier. I think the vibrations of her moaning must have had an effect on him as soon he warned us that he was coming. I was fully expecting her to let his cock fall out of her mouth and wank him until he shot over her face but she again uncharacteristically let him pump his seed into her mouth, That along with her instructing me to fuck her harder took me over the edge and I filled her pussy up with spunk. We all smilingly regained our composure and Sally made a point of washing us both with soap all over. When we eventually went back into the lounge in our shorts and casuals I was expecting Mark to pop off to let us go to bed. How wrong was I, After loading me up with a drink Sally kissing me said that she was going to take Mark home next door and see if he likes the taste of my come ! Don’t worry I will not be late!! This time it was me that was left with my mouth open as she and Mark went out of the door. For years and years I have hinted to Sally that it would be ok for her to have sex with another chap and my goodness she is now testing my resolve. The noise that she made through the thin walls of the cabin over the next half hour kept me hard as a rock. Her account of what happened next is to follow !!