Written by Arlington_49

25 Nov 2014

Interesting, I hadn’t plan posting about my follow-up with Judi’s assistant Raida…except that several SH members have emailed/prompted me for same.

Raida has been Judi’s admin for about 4 years at wife’s commercial RE firm. As I noted in my earlier posting yesterday, Raida was briefly married; however her lezzie instincts took precedence years ago… Her marriage was dissolved quick-time…she and then hubby couldn’t reconcile the mutual possibilities.

Telescope to 2 weeks ago during that late Thursday encounter, until that evening, I had never attempted to put a touch on Raida. I simply respected her…still do…and appreciated she is my wife’s employee…and occasional sexual partner. (I’d say MORE partner than I perhaps realized to date…;) That evening, however, I was pissed with my wife. The fact we were planning to have a nice evening out…and she decides to spread her legs and open her mouth to a new client…!! Pardon me…but that took fucking hutzpah on her part…! Of late, it’s not altogether different in our relationship…BUT that evening I was looking forward to a pleasant evening out…WITHOUT the sexual drama…!

I invited Raida into Judi’s office…and she had NO trouble joining our ‘activities.’ As I allowed her to orally play with my wife…I equally enjoyed playing with Raida. NO hard fucking on my part…I saved that for my wife! However, as Raida had her way with Judi, I performed cunnilingus on my wife’s admin. Fingers…tongue…vaginal laps and strokes…even some very enjoyable rimming of the young woman…ALL very enjoyable for me…AND Raida. I respected her…! I did NOT want to be perceived as a cunt-hungry fucker! I was “hungry” for sure…BUT I served my interests with Raida orally…respecting her sexual desires in her customary relationship fashion.

Raida played my wife in a manner I’m sure she’s done many times before at the office, and likely out on ‘dates.’ I also suspect, Raida has occasionally introduced my wife to some all-female group fucking. Given my wife’s usual condition when she goes out with groups…she never likely aware of how many gals were using her…enjoying her body…;);)

The surprise, however…last Friday...one week after the Thursday “party.” Raida called me and asked to see me. I invited her to meet me at my club. We met around 8pm…and we were together until well after 2am! In fact, when we left the club, I had car service take me home…stopping off at Raida’s residence for her drop. What did we do between 8pm and roughly 2am…?

Raida wanted to have…I’ll call it as it was…a heterosexual affair…a tryst…with me!! After cocktails and a lite dinner, I reserved a club room…and we fucked and played…the entire evening. In fact, I even had the opportunity to invite a colleague or two, BUT did NOT avail myself. I kept Raida to myself…she sucked me off…I ate her out…in 69 fashion. She wanted me to fuck her as I did my wife the prior week…

I was able to regain three times… I say again, three times…! That’s how effective and pleasure Raida was that evening…! NO condoms…the young woman was protected in a fashion my wife and I most familiar. I enjoyed eating Raida…even after I jizzed her cunny…! The young woman is sheer pleasure!

To the best of awareness, Raida does NOT want to share with Judi that we both had an encounter. I believe her. And, for that reason, I plan to nurture my relationship with Raida. I left her with a simple thought…a direct offer. Whenever she wants to engage with me…call my private mobile. If she needs something for which I can provide or assist…again…call my mobile! I know Raida will likely take some more freedoms with my wife… I’ve already suggested…perhaps at some of those affairs I may be able to join the party… Raida appears quite the willing partner. AND, if NOT…Raida and I will continue to have fucking good time…doing just that…! I’ve already invited her to accompany me at a client Holiday Party in a few weeks. My wife will be on travel schedule. AND, even if Judi were to revise her itinerary, I won’t be changing my invite plans with Raida…!!