Written by Robert

4 Apr 2018

Been married to Helen for nearly 10 years. To date we’ve been pretty happy and have two lovely kids. We both have high powered jobs which is financially a good thing but brings a multitude of other problems. Long hours, trips away, high levels of stress and too little time for intimacy. We did have a good sex life once - but that’s becoming a distant memory, a quick fumble once a month on a Sunday morning seems to be the way.

Helen has recently confessed to having a ‘close relationship’ with our live in au pair. The au pair is called Veronika and she’s from Slovakia. She’s been with us since September, she’s pretty about 24 years old. Helen has only told me bits - she says it’s not a full on relationship and they are not lesbians. They have however, been kissing, touching each other, masturbating together and sleeping on our bed when I’m not around. A few times I’ve come home in the evening and suspect I’ve walked in on something - there’s often a strange atmosphere in the house of over compensation.

I have tried to be really mature about things and have allowed Helen to talk and get on with things, it seems that she is excited by the relationship and curious to pursue her bisexuality. I think she also finds Veronkia very attractive. I don’t know where this leaves us, at night I think Helen lies in bed next to me wishing Veronika was in the bed - I’m sure they’d make out whereas we just sleep. I don’t want to stop their relationship I think it has to run it’s course and Helen needs to know whether she needs a relationship with a woman. From the discussions we have had I think she finds intimacy with another woman very pleasurable.

I know this isn’t the most erotic story posted on this site and I have few if any intimate details of my wife’s affair but I would be grateful for any advice and guidance about how I manage this. I don’t want to break our family up but equally if Helen wants to get her sexual satisfaction from another woman I need to accept and deal with that.