Written by TERRY

19 Apr 2017

This happened a few years back now I am happily married and at the time I was 24, 5'11"and have an athletic build and my wife Sandra was 32, 5'5" long dark hair and a size 10 with34D breasts and very pretty. Sandra told me her and Liz (Sandra's best fiend) had been chatting and their sex lives came up in conversation, Sandra told Liz that I would have sex 20 times a day if I could, to which Liz replied "send him over to me because I've not had any action for years Colin's (her husband) not interested anymore" . Not knowing what Sandra would say, I jokingly said "tell her to come around then" (secretly I was thinking I would love to fuck her she always looked sexy). Later on that evening after a few drinks Sandra said "I've been thinking about what you said and "it's not that weird, Liz is a very good friend to me and I wouldn't have a problem with you fucking her" I replied "well you know I like older women",

No more was mentioned for weeks when out of the blue Sandra said "oh by the way I've invited Liz over for a couple of drinks and a bit of fun" That evening she turned up Liz was 49, 5' 1" quite good looking short blonde hair fairly slim a size 12 and she had a fair size pair of tits, She was wearing a shortish skirt and a blouse unbuttoned half way down with cleavage on show and she wasn't wearing a bra as I could see her nipples poking out.

Sandra and I were sat on the sofa and Liz opposite, she had her legs crossed and I could see a lot of thigh, every time she changed legs l could see a flash of something I'm sure she wasn't wearing panties, and as she leaned forward to take a sip of wine I could see he cleavage at one point I thought her tits were going to fall out, I couldn't take my eyes off her, she looked very sexy, I couldn't stop thinking what an amazing body she had and how I'd love to fuck her.

We had some more drinks and casual chit chat, then after quite a few drinks later when we were all quite drunk Sandra said " I've been watching you pair and you can't take your eyes off each other, lets play truth or dare" and so it started Sandra's turn "I dare you to kiss Liz passionately" she said to me as I kissed her l used my tongue and she did the same , my turn truth" Sandra have you a problem with me and Liz" she replied "for god sake of course not, that's why I invited Liz around", Liz's turn truth Terry "would you cheat on Sandra" not without permission was my reply. Sandra's turn " I dare you to show Liz your cock" I undone my jeans and slipped out my cock which was almost erect I'm not bragging but my cock is 9" and very thick. Sandra invited Liz over to play with my cock which was so hard by now, in fact I think it was the hardest I'd ever been Sandra suggested me and Liz should go upstairs.

We got naked I could now see what an amazing body she had we got on to the bed Liz whispered ""be gentle with me, It's been 8 years since I've had sex, and I've never had a cock as big as yours" we started to kiss, I gently caressed her tits , I fondled her nipples the soon became very hard, as I moved my hands between her legs I could feel her hairy moist cunt as l fingered her she got wetter, as we rolled around the bed I positioned myself between her legs and started to give her cunt a good licking while l played with her clit, she took my cock in her mouth and gave it the attention it was craving, by this time we were both in a heightened state sexually, as I entered her she gave out a slight groan even though she was very wet her cunt was very tight, l started slowly then penetrated her deeper by now her groans were of pleasure. We fucked for about an half an hour changing positions every few minutes, for a woman of her age she was very flexible, after about 15 minutes rest we started to fuck again we were fucking for what seemed like hours again changing positions then I changed to get her legs over her shoulders so l could get all of my cock into her cunt l fucked her deep and hard,she was groaning , then she said "fill me with spunk" I shot my load deep inside her cunt. We both lay there exhausted, after a while Liz turned to me and said "I've been married 30 years and I have never had sex like that".

This arrangement went on twice a week for about six months. l think Colin must have suspected l was fucking his wife because Liz and Colin moved away.