Written by noel

6 May 2007

My wife has a friend . They are very close but have only known each other a few years . Kay her friend is very unlucky with men and lives with a lazy git who does nothing and goes nowhere . They havent had sex for a couple of yaers now either .

The other week my wife took pity on her friend and knowing that kay likes me because i treat my wife right , invited her out with us , only with a difference . My wife and i have an understanding if she meets someone she likes then she has him while i wait or watch . This idea was very different . I would pair with kay and my wife could be free all night to meet as many men as she wanted . This all was explained to kay who was very keen on the idea . For me its having my wife fucked by another man but this way i was gonna get some even though kay was a little over weight and didnt try very hard to impress .

My wife who is very fit and attractive wore a tiny top , tiny denim mini , and black pvc slut boots to her knees . Kay wore a long denim skirt nice top but they did both look like chalk and cheese . Kay is prety but just not a vamp . I dont mind a bit of something different so was up for this in a big way .

So we all went into town me and Kay and my wife , this did all feel a little strange but holding hands and kissing with one woman while you watch in front of you as your sexy and for the moment single wife is being touched up and getting off with many different men is an incredable turn on . Watching my wife kiss a stranger right in front of me introducing yet another stranger to us only to snog the face off him and move on to another one was amazing . What a total slut , kay just thought she was messing about but you have to be a little nieve to not know where my wife was taking these men .

She told me she blew four men in the back garden of the pub and fucked two . I soon took Kay outside and did her up both holes , how lucky my wife is a bum virgin .

We met up at last orders and all went home . Once we dropped off Kay , we got home and fucked all night.