Written by Jay

8 Dec 2007

If you read my account of fucking my wife\\\'s best friend I did say at the end my wife wanted to be fucked by my mate, one good turn etc. Well that happened last night much to my surprise we had talked about it since the episode with her friend but nothing came of it or so I thought.

Well last night I\\\'d been out for a couple of jars me not been a drinker of sorts had maybe one to many so Rob, and Phil brought me home around about 10ish the wife was watching TV little short nightie on as they carried me through the door and sat me on the sofa.

She offered to make them a drink and they sat chatting me dozing, thought I was hearing things when the wife said to Rob so you brought Phil for a turn. By this time squinting through my dazed eyes her nipples where rock hard and her legs wide open Phil was stroking his cock I thought I should say something but I had and was fucking her best mate so just sat moaning to myself. Rob stood up and unzipped his cock and believe me he is a big guy \\\"probably why she wanted to fuck him\\\" out came her tits and down she went on his cock, Phil had his smaller but rather large in circumference cock out and was wanking himself slowly and me with a boner and still not saying anything. Phil went on his hands and knees buried his head between her legs and Rob was pounding her mouth she was going for it like crazy she wouldn\\\'t have known I was there if it hadn\\\'t been for me unzipping and wanking myself as she stood up and dropped her nightie. Rob lay on the floor and she straddled him slowly lowering herself onto him he\\\'s a good 9inches and him sucking on her tits. Then to my amazement she beckoned Phil to fuck her arse, something Ive never done with her her pussy soaking and dribbling Phil rubbed his cock at the entrance and bang straight up to the balls she nearly shot off to the moon and started squirting all over Robs cock. I just shot my load and watched while the two of them fucked her silly Rob had his turn at her arse while Phil fucked her this went on till well after midnight her sucking and fucking and me watching in, well amazement. By the time the guys left I was as sober as a judge and hard as nails so we went to bed and she sucked my cock till I shot all over her face as she was too sore for anything else. She then told me she\\\'s fucked Rob before but until I had fucked her friend coudn\\\'t tell me I was a bit taken aback but as I say I had and am still slipping her pal one. I\\\'m writing this with her between my legs which is really hard to concentrate and her friend is due. she does say both Rob and Phil emphisis on Phil where a one off and is content but somehow I doubt that very much we\\\'ll see...It\\\'s strange how excited I got two of my best mates banging my wife and how it feels now... I wonder