Written by M

4 Aug 2010

My wife and myself have swung, on and off, for over ten years. We have been together for sixteen, she is 40 years old, size 10 firm, toned fit 36d2435, always smoothly waxed. I am 51 average love to watch her fucked and hear about it, like to get her seduced and fucked too. This event happened four weeks ago. Two houses away from us are sara and mike, sara is very friendly and pleasant very attractive white girl about mid twenties and mike is 28 very fit, muscular black guy about 6'3". T, my wife, has fancied him since they moved in two years ago. Anyway it was a friday morning and we saw mike he came over to say hi as i was going to work, he hold me that he was about to take sara to the airport as she was going for a week girlies holiday to Spain. I asked him what he was doing that evening and invited him for some drinks about 7pm, he agreed.

I told T that Mike was coming over and her luck might be in. She dressed causually, a short denim skirt orange vest top, no bra and a black thong and some sandles. When mike turned up,dressed in shorts and a t shirt, she inited him to sit down with her. By no she had a few vodkas already, we settle to chat with mike sitting next to her on the settee. After an hour of banter some sexual she went to the loo, and he said she is very sexy and i said she fancies the pants of you, you should try your luck, he said would i not object and I said that we sung and I loved her getting fucked and as I am away so much of the week he could hav her often, i told him she loved black men. When she came back I said to T that mike fancied her too, and i went to the loo and took my time. When i came back into the room T top was off and mike had his hand inside her thong and they were passionately kissing. he pulled her thong off, and went down on her opening her legs wide and gave her oral for about thirty minutes, he stood up and took his trunks down and he revealed a massive, massive thick black cock, easily cock can in thickness and, we later measured just over 12" long, he rubbed her cunt lips with it and slowly entered her, when he was balls in he took his tshirt off and held her elgs high over his shoulders and fucked her like a maniac, she was screaming and begging him to fuck her rougher, harder, faster; and he was calling her a slut and slut and white bitch. he must have fucked her fro about forty minutes before I saw his arse tense and he came inside her. He pulled out and pulled her to her knees and told her to lick him cleana dn suck him hard he was hard very quickly, he then face fucked her and after a while turned her over and doggied her, fingering er arse as he did, afer en minutes or so he entered her arse she screamed in pain but then settled and pushed back. I was wanking for england by now, she came again. They then hugged and he told her he had always fancied her, and wantedher for his bitch, he had a few brothers to share her with, she saoid she would love that and I agreed. Mike said that i would be a cuckold and he would fuck her when ever he wanted, by who ever he wanted. I agreed.

He stayed the night them in our bed me next door in a spare room, I heard the banging of the headboard for most of the night.

The next day she was told to go and spend the night with him, his younegr brother and a cpouple of black mates were coming round to have some beer and watch some porn, and he told her what to wear. She went wearing stockings basque and heals and served drinks. She was fucked by all of them, the three guys left at 9am next morning she came back at 2pm. I went off to work on the sunday evening and came back on Friday. T had been fucked by mike every night he usually staying at ours, and he had shared her with four outher black guys during the week. Since then he, his brother or one of his mates fucks her each day and when i am away they stay over. she cannot get enough of m ike and another black guy called issac. She has become a total black man's whore and i enjoy being the cuckold. though would like to get to fuck her too.