Written by Wayne J

6 Mar 2007

I was given this little note by my beautiful wife, For some time she had fantasised with me about being a bit naughty with one of her guy mates named Dave she used to go clubbing with years before we were married and I suspected she got up to a bit of fun one time when I was away on business because when I got home she was very sheepish about what she had been up to. We were in a really erotic mood one night after a few drinks and she began to confess about a night out with Dave when I was away but became shy about it and changed the subject much to my disappointment as she was really getting me aroused. A few days later I raised the subject again and she said she couldn’t tell me, so I simply said well write it down. The next day when I got home from work we had dinner a much more wine than we usually drink, she set the mood by wearing a really sexy outfit that I love and after dinner told me she had a note for me to read and she would wait for me upstairs. I sat down and began reading the note she handed me and strangely I found it really erotic that she was daring enough to be so sexually adventurous and able to share it with me, below is what it contained.

Hi, I couldn’t tell you this face to face as I would become to embarrassed so here is the written version for you, hope you love my little adventure.

My old friend Dave and I went out for dinner to a restaurant that weekend you were away and one of his mates that I also new from those years earlier coincidentally was also at the restaurant with a work group at another table. We were soon in the right mood (drunk) and began talking about general things until the conversation changed and we joked about what we used to talk about many years ago before you and I meet, which was a bit of “3-way action” with his friend but we always laughed it off and nothing ever happened. But on this particular night the mood was set and some how Dave gave me that look and I became really turned on by the idea, not really thinking it would ever eventuate. After our meal we went to the bar area for a drink and soon his friend also came into the bar and we all began talking about the old days. I flirted with the two guys during the night as we progressively got drunker and as we left the restaurant I remembered saying, “lets go have fun Dave” in the top of my voice, the guys laughed as they thought it was hilarious. But I really wasn’t joking, I just didn’t really think our friend was also coming along. Anyway I guess when I suggested that we all go parking at the picnic ground it was a dream come true for both of them, me too I guess. I was feeling very sexy and erotic and wanted to finish the night off on the high! I really don’t know what I was thinking at the time. I know I was really drunk and I had lost my inhibitions and Dave’s idea of some 3-way action had me turned on. We walked around the park for a while and I suggestively flirted with the guys then we ended up on the rug beside the car and we began making out, I remember the guys kissing me and I felt hands touching my breasts and thighs, when I felt my pussy being touched under my skirt I nearly died on the spot with excitement. I think is was then that Dave said lets get rid of this and my skirt was then removed leaving me in only my lingerie and top, which was partly open. I remember kissing Dave and then giving him little kisses and licks on his penis, I think I gave our friend a few little licks and maybe a suck as well before I bent down to go down on Dave. With my ass up in the air It was then that I felt my pussy being rubbed and the snap buttons on the crutch of my lingerie being popped open, I knew that my pussy was now exposed and venerable but I was so turned on I just wanted to go with the moment, I continued on kissing Dave’s penis when I felt our friend begin to slip his fingers into my wet pussy, in and out in and out. I was so aroused I slipped my lips over Dave’s cock and began going down on him as our friend pleasured my pussy and watched as my lips slid up and down Dave’s shaft. Then some how the guys motioned me to lay back, I ended up laying on my back with my legs wide open then both the guys went down on me drilling their tongues into my pussy, I closed my eyes and just enjoyed what was happening, I can’t even recall who’s tongue was in me when, but it felt great when they made me cum. The two guys were really turned on and I thought it’s gone this far, why stop now, so I hopped up and began to go down on Dave again, my ass was high in the air and my legs were apart, I’m sure I sub concisely did it as an invitation to our friend not really knowing what was going to happen, then it did, I felt a hand on my thighs, his penis was rubbing around my pussy lips then it happened, he slipped up inside me and all I could think was “oh shit” he’s fucking me. I remember lifting my lips of Dave’s penis and moaning out really loud as I felt him fully penetrate me, Dave then realised what was happening and moaned out softly “oh shit” I just rested my head on his lap as the thrusting motion made me rock back and forth as I was being fucked by our friend, I was in a sort of stunned state by what was happening but really enjoying it at the same time. I guess he was inside me for only a minute or maybe less before he moaned out in pleasure, pushed hard up inside me and filled me with cum. He then slipped out of me as quickly as he entered me and laid back on the rug, I just stayed in my position not knowing what to do, my pussy was still throbbing with excitement, and Dave, obviously really turned on by what had just happed was in need of some action for himself so he also moved into position behind me and easily slipped up inside my now sopping wet pussy. The felling of him entering me just moments after I had just been fucked was so erotic and felt so good I was soon moaning out in pleasure again and it wasn’t long before he too exploded inside me. We composed ourselves as best we could, the guys gave me a kiss and said how fantastic it was, I remember as I was getting into the car I was so full of cum it was dribbling down my legs and I just giggled to myself. We then dropped the friend off and Dave drove me home.

It was great experience to remember and maybe one day it just might happen with us. I’m sure you would love it and I would love to have it happen for you.