Written by Bennie

4 Mar 2008

My wife Joy and I had been going on holiday for a few years now with her cousin Beverly and Iain. Our kids all got on OK and it was always good fun. Beverly was always a bit of a flirt and her and me often made suggestions but it was always thought to be in fun, but really I wanted to shag the arse off her. Well one day on holiday in Minorca I was feeling a bit tired after the night before and was having a lie in while Joy and the kids went to do a bit of shopping. I heard them speaking to beverly and the family next door so I thought they were all going shopping. After a half hours kip I woke feeling much better and decided to try and find the rest of them. On leaving my appartment I noticed that Beverly and Iains door was not properly shut. Thinking it may have been broken in to I crept inside, I heard a noise in the sitting room and on sneaking a look around the corner I saw Beverly trying to get an 8\" black rubber cock into her cunt with great difficulty. She kept putting it into her mouth to get salva on it but her fanny was still to dry. I watched for a few minutes then steppedround the corner and just looked at the rubber cock at her fanny entrance and asked if she needed any help. Instead of the expected scream and get out she started crying saying she and Iain had not had sex for 6 months and she had no gel too get her rubber dick into her pussy. As I sat down beside her and started stroking her thigh she released her hold on the rubber dick and lay back and relaxed. I started to stroke her dry pussy lips and they started to moisten, I slowly pushed the rubber cock in but it was still to dry. As i removed the rubber cock and lowered my head between her thighs she said no thats dirty you cannot do that, but as my toung licked her hairy lips she moaned and I licked all around before delving my toung all the way in. After a few minutes of lapping her clitty she tensed and started to come and I immediately burried my toung deep in her fanny tasting her delicious sweet tasting come. When she finished I lay along side her and carressed her tits and fingered her hole untill she was coming again. As we lay kissing and messing about she said that she had never been unfaithfull but she was glad we had done it. I eased her black rubber dick inside her and said it fits well now. Fuck me with it she said but I said no you do it and I will watch, so she pounded that rubber cock into her sodeden fanny for the next 10 minutes coming another 4 times. As we lay there she asked if I wanted to ride her, only if you want me to, YES she whispered and opened her legs wide. I slowly eased my cock into her very wet fanny and she started to come so I pulled out quickly and burried my head between her thighs again pushing my toung into her again to taste her sweet come as she came all over my face she said I was hoping you would do that again as you are the only one ever to have done it and I really like it. I licked her clit and fanny a while longer as she had another couple of orgasims. I then mounted her saying that I am going to fuck her now for my pleasure and not hers. I entered her and started to pound that pussy hard after a few minutes I said Beverly I need to come wher do you want me to off load, she wrapped her legs around mine and said as deep in there as you can. With a huge groan I emptied my seed deep into her belly biting her big nipples until I had no more to give her. After a few minutes rest we got up and went to the balcony, seeing her standing there with my spunk running down her legs gave me another stiffie and as I moved behind her she opened her legs and let me slip into hr out on the balcony not caring if any of the neighbours could see. As I was sliding into her with deep slow strokes she came once more but I knew it would be a while before I came again but alas I did not get the chance as she spotted both our families coming up the street and I only had enough time to get back next door to my own appartment. We never had another session during the holiday but she sent me a text to say that it was great and that I took time to pleasure her as her hubby just says , do you want a fuck or what and justs gets on top fucks her for a couple of minutes till he comes and rolls off again. Since we have got home she ha gone back to the flirting again but Im sure we will have another passionate session.