Written by paddy

10 Nov 2007

hi my names si i just want to tell you about my wife elaine night out we went getting on very well at the time and she spurted out im going out tonight with j so off she went as she has done many times before i got to watching tv it was getting late about 12 o clock so i rang her up she said she had taken j home cos she was pissed ill be home soon but i could tell she was lying i just know along came 2 am i rang again she said im not at j,s house ill be home soon i just knew then she was getting fucked it wouldent be the first time though a friend came to saty once we all went out got pissed went home i took elaine to bed took all her clothes off and she lay there with massive tits big arse and a fuckable cunt GET DAVE she said not needing ti be told twice i went and woke him up he came in and saw with her legs wide open and he started licking her cunt is was great soon she was sucking his circumsised cock why i was wanking soon i took charge and got david to sit on daves cock i went round the back and forced my cock up her fuckable arse we both soon came up both holes and the next day nothing was said but any way back to this night out the door went i heard her come up staires she took all her clothes off and got in bed she said im tired ill talk tommorow but my head was in bits and i had a stiff on so just put my hand on her cunt and fuck me it was soaking wet swollen and wide open you could have put yer fist up it but thats not all i put my fingers on her arse hole it was wide open and dripping with spunk well i said she said ive been fucked by someone in ths pub he took me home and fucked me to death everyhole and his cock was a least 8 inches long he had to force it up my arse it hurt but i loved it at that point i got on her and fucked her cunt i couldent torch the sides i could smell the other mans spunk i soon turned to her fat arse my cock just slipped in and couldent last any longer i shot my load we soon fell asleep and the next day i made her tell me all while sucking on my cock i just wanted to treat her like a slut that she is.ill let you know if she strays again.