Written by lucky wifes hubbie

20 Jan 2009

Hardly original but I always go on to my wife about the fantasy I have seeing her with another man. She was always a little interested but kept her self back from ever going for it. With a couple of drinks in her she would get hot talking about it and would even flirt outrageously with other men ,but when sober she always thought better of it. Then eleven months ago she said she was interested in talking about this fantasy that always makes me horny. We talked about our love for each other that nothing would change except our sex lives. And that has certainly changed. We started going out together because she needed to build up the courage and actually get used to meeting strangers, a thing she hasn’t done for years. I would sit further away from her the more she had to drink, I would go out with her less and less as her confidence grew and she became skilled in the art of pulling.

It started off with chatting, then kissing, dancing and touching, full on snogging and finally sex. After the first time she had sex we had amazing sex together but my wife then threw in a twist. I was never to have sex with her again if I wanted her to keep up her seeing other men. The first time we have sex together again would be the very last time she would have sex with strangers.

I had to think this through. She would give me head and make me lick her clean but no sex. The thought of her with someone else was an experience that made it worth it.

She has a lovely size 10 body with 36DD 5’10’’ Blonde hair and gorgeous face. She has no difficultly pulling who she wants and enjoys the attention she gets off them and when she gets home off me. She used condoms to start with so nothing for me but a quick blow job or wank when she got home and told me of the nights events. To see her getting ready to go out was amazing. As she puts on her tight very short satin dress, her tits pushed up showing loads of cleavage her high heels ,make up ,perfume and off she goes into town to look for some fun. I sit at home waiting, the first time was the worst, waiting one hour seems like waiting a week, wondering what’s she’s up to.

The first time I did get to have sex with her it was out of this world but not anymore. She finally gets in rather late looking like she’s seen better days but still very sexy and smelling of sex. She only offers me hand relief because she’s been fucked so much she’s too tired and the rules say NO SEX. To see your wife sitting on the sofa by the side of you as she crosses her legs her dress rises and her high heel slips of her foot swinging from her toes and all I’m going to get is hand relief .It’s frustrating but at least its her hand and her story I don’t usually last too long, its pretty sexy knowing she will be fucked again soon , just not by me.

She doesn’t always use condoms now, if she thinks the bloke shes with is ok then I get creampie when she gets home, This being better for both of us as she gets to come again. Having her push her wet fanny deep onto my face and licking as deep as I can worth while. But that said and after so long with out servicing her myself ,not sure this arrangement is going to last too much longer as I really do need to have a go myself . Please advise….