Written by Second Chance

4 Jun 2018

I am afraid this is very long, but a recollection of a true event that was triggered by something that happened this weekend, and is still at the forefront of my mind. I have changed names, and also been a little vague on locations, just to protect others involved.

I attended the wedding of a daughter of friends I have had for many years. My ex-wife, Anna, was also at the wedding, but on this occasion, was accompanied by the new man in her life. I spoke to Anna briefly a couple of times during the day and evening reception (we don’t dislike one another). However, during the late dancing, I noticed she was thoroughly enjoying herself, dancing to slow and more lively numbers with her new partner. During the lively dances, I was drawn to her cleavage which was so stylishly emphasised by her elegant dark red dress. Anna was of course much wider at the hips than when we first met, but her enlarged bouncing, full breasts which were now more melons than the mangoes of before, were utterly mesmerising. She was clearly a little tipsy although had no problems dancing in quite high heels, but I was familiar with the look in her face…. that she would be angling for a hard fucking that night. Somewhat annoyingly, it made me feel very horny, we were all staying in the same hotel as the reception that night, and I would have loved to have known which room they were in, as this reminded me of another occasion, years before involving Anna.

I met Anna through work when I was 31 and she was 30, and we married within a year. She had been single for a couple of years having come out of a very long term relationship. She was clever, confident and stunning. Beautiful blue / green eyes and high cheek bones, light brown hair (changed to blonde streaks on her 40th, and then progressively more blonde to date), 5’5”, lovely legs and a shapely bust. It’s always difficult to provide a celebrity as a guide to someone’s appearance, but if you look at more recent photo’s of the actress Naomi Watts, you would be going in the right direction (Anna maybe a bit more “voluptuous” !). I was often told I had got myself the perfect trophy wife, which was rather unfair as Anna was hugely talented in her own right, but I knew I had done well, possibly punching above my weight due to our age (30’s was leaving it late for marriage back then). She always dressed well and took great care with her make-up, hair & clothes.

In our mid to late 30’s we had spent a number of years living in the Far East, due to my job. We enjoyed a luxurious expat lifestyle, accumulated wealth and my career took off. One couple we met there were about 5 or so years younger, Paul and his wife Judy, who had a couple of children. Anna actually worked for the same company as Paul undertaking some sales and marketing work, but was also great friends with Judy, and they would meet up regularly. Paul and I were quite different so we didn’t really hit it off, but I quite liked Judy, so we would occasionally meet up with them for meals, drinks or pool parties etc.

We returned to London and my life got busier with work, and I would spend time away visiting offices, conferences etc. I suppose in our early 40’s, our sex life, which had previously been excellent, turned in to a once a week /fortnight, missionary fuck with not a lot of intimacy. Anna would reach an orgasm if I went down on her, but occasionally she just spread open her legs and lay emotionless as I thrust in and out of her until I would cum inside her. We slept in different rooms due to her habit of reading late at night and my snoring getting worse, and around that time I also started to take any opportunities that presented themselves to have the odd one-nighters when travelling, attending office functions etc. I suspect Anna knew, but enjoyed the trappings of our affluent lifestyle, the other activities we enjoyed together and didn’t wish to upset the apple cart. She did mention to me every now and then about men who had propositioned her and how she had turned them down. I didn’t doubt it at all as she spent a lot of time and money keeping herself glamorous. Her hair now had blonde streaks and she looked very fair, almost blonde, and whilst she had rounded out a bit more, it was all in the right places. When she dressed up, she had killer good looks, smelt wonderful to the point you just wanted to make love to her, but seemed to do so less and less. She once mention that Paul had been persistently chasing her when we lived abroad, but she always deflected him. That didn’t surprise me, as although over 5 years older, Anna was stunning compared to Judy, but also I knew Anna wasn’t attracted to Paul’s immature outlook and lack of ambition.

Anna kept in touch with Judy, and around 3 years ago they also moved back to the UK and to the North West. Then out of the blue Anna suggested we visit them as she enjoyed Judy’s company and wanted to see the change in the children. I really didn’t want to go, so suggested we drive up, I would drop Anna off and then visit my brother in Cumbria. Perfect as Anna found my brother strange (he is an acquired taste) and positively disliked his wife (she is more than an acquired taste!). We left on the Friday late afternoon and booked a country hotel in the north of England, two adjoining rooms as had become our practice (for the late reading / snoring) for the Friday & Sat nights. Paul insisted on collecting Anna on the Saturday morning to allow me to head to Cumbria directly, and I said I would pick up Anna late on the way back. I suggested Paul join us for breakfast at the hotel, which he did.

Anna looked stunning at breakfast, eyes beautifully made up, with a short yellow skirt, high heeled sandals and short sleeved top. She lit up when Paul arrived, as did he with her (he hadn’t seen her as an almost blonde) and they ended up in deep discussion about old work mates. They went off to buy some trinkets from the hotel shop, and when they returned, Anna seemed to be positively glowing and blushing a little. There was a definite wish to get me on my journey. I had left some gifts in my room for my nephews, but rather than take them now, thought I would use that as an excuse to come back and see if they had also left. I walked to the car, moved it to the other side of the building (the car park surrounded the hotel) and then walked back to my room. When I went in, the connecting door was shut but not locked. I poked my head in next door, no signs, but could see out the window that Paul’s car was still in the car park. Thought I would now wait until they had gone so checked a few old e-mails. About 10 mins. later there was the sound of Anna’s laughter in the corridor with Paul’s mumbled speaking. The next door room opened, closed again quickly and the laughter & talk immediately went quiet. I was almost kicking myself as had closed the adjoining door when I came back in to my room. It was however quite thin, so you could hear what was going on next door, the only problem being it was just very quiet. Occasionally there would be two or three words strung together which were hard to decipher. I was wondering whether Anna was re-applying make-up or just collecting things to take with them, when all of a sudden I heard a couple of low moans from Anna. Silence again, then a couple more. No idea what was going on, but suspected they might be in an embrace and Anna was gently deflecting Paul. Thought I should hang on just in case anything got out of control. This went on for some time, but then there was a very loud gasp from Anna, followed by some mumbling from both of them, but nothing angry or alarming. Absolute silence followed, then shortly afterwards Anna’s gasped loudly again three or four times. The gasps became quieter and then turned in to rhythmic groans. I was in no doubt what was going on now, and this was confirmed by the sound of the bed headboard which started to thud louder and quicker on the adjoining wall. Anna’s moaning was becoming more high-pitched and quicker, went on for a few minutes until all of a sudden the headboard thumping stopped and almost immediately so did her groaning. There was further silence then I could hear someone in the bathroom next door I assumed that was Anna cleaning herself up, which she was always meticulous about after sex. I was in shock but massively turned on. What to do ? I thought I’ll stick it out. If they come through, they have more to worry about than me. In the end, and after an absolute nerve-racking age, there was lots of mumbling, I could hear some heavy kissing, the door closed and I heard them walk down the corridor. I waited until I could see them leave in Paul’s car and then went through the connecting door to the next room. I could smell Anna’s perfume, not sure if she had re-applied, or used to disguise the smell of sex. The bed had been made, but I pulled the duvet back, and sure enough, there was a small wet patch. I checked the plastic laundry bag, and inside was a pair of Anna’s white panties, the crotch sopping wet and with a couple of her wet pubic hairs, I’m guessing left overs from a vigorous rubbing. Her yellow skirt was also in the bag, somewhat crumpled, particularly at the front. I was in a state of shock, but had a massive hard-on. I was in no fit state to go to my brothers, so called him with an excuse and decided to stay at the hotel.

I couldn’t get my mind around what had happened, but then started to get a stream of texts from Anna during the day. Firstly, Paul would drop her back so no need for me to come to pick her up. Then a text asking if I had arrived in Cumbria and how I was getting on. Then a request as to when I was likely to be leaving and to text when leaving. All these texts led me to believe they were planning some further time alone together. It did make me wonder whether they had gone to see Judy at all, or also made an excuse. However, during the afternoon I received a pic showing them all smiling and having a meal together. If only the others knew what I did ! Around early evening I received another text asking about my plans. I lied and said I would not be leaving for a while as having a great time, but would text when on my way. I drew the curtains in my room, made sure the connecting door had a gap in it and measured the best viewing locations to view in the reflection of the sliding wardrobe mirror / doors, the action from the bed but from close to my room’s main door (if caught, I was going to claim I had just walked in). It was a slim chance, but I was so turned on, I didn’t want to miss catching a glimpse if it did happen again.

Well over an hour later I could hear their boisterous chat in the corridor, and the next room door open. Someone put the light on and Anna flashed past the gap in the connecting door as she went to close the curtains. I was standing well back in my darkened room, but both were mainly out of vision through the gap in the door, but very loud, so assumed at least Anna had been drinking. When they did come back in to vision, they were in a deep snog. Anna had indeed changed to a longer, more flowing pink floral summer dress. It was however hiked up as Paul had one hand working its way between her legs. He had pushed her white panties aside, and her brown curly pubes contrasted with the white panties and pink dress, and could be seen under his busy fingers (Anna had never shaved down below, even when living in a hotter climate, but that was probably not unusual for her age group). This went on for some time and became quite torrid, until Anna started to cum. She pulled away from his kiss and I could see her face contort as she had an orgasm. Paul then tried to manoeuvre Anna to the bed, but she broke away and said “Wait” a long pause then, “let me get the KY”. I absolutely froze. The KY jelly was in my wash bag in my bathroom. It was mainly used when Anna would give me a handjob or I gave myself one when travelling. I dropped to the side of my bed, but the base was down to the floor. I couldn’t get under it, but as Anna burst through the connecting door, she wasn’t able to put the light on. The switch was at the main door, or bedside, so she just went to the bathroom, put the light on, rumbled about, then left switching the bathroom light off after her. My heart was pumping madly and I was cursing myself for getting in to this position, but again thought, if caught, I am not the one who needs to explain anything ! It took me some time to get back up, and that’s when I noticed that Anna had closed the gap in the connecting door, but not closed it completely. She was chastising Paul who had now turned on a porn channel on the TV. Funnily enough, the small gap actually worked better as I could go up with one eye very close, and via the reflection in the wardrobe mirrors, get a much wider view of the bed that was up against the wall that divided the two rooms. Both were now naked, Paul at the end of the bed, with Anna kneeling in front of him. She looked like she was giving him a handjob whilst applying the KY jelly, as I could see her looking up at him and talking, whilst her white, milky breasts were jiggling due to her quick hand movements. After a while, Paul lifted her up, and pushed her on to her back on the bed. I couldn’t see her face or upper body much after this, but her legs parted wide and I saw her red pussy lips through her curly brown pubic hair. Paul stroked his erection a few times before climbing on the bed and in between her legs. From the brief glimpse I got, his cock was very different to mine. Longer, but almost equally thick along the entire length, and a small head partially covered by his foreskin, but absolutely stiff as a poker and upright against his belly. My cock has a much thicker head than the shaft, and I am circumcised. He had no condom on. This did surprise me as Anna was very particular about this when we first started going out. Very quickly all I could see was Paul’s buttocks pushing in and out between Anna’s spread legs, and occasionally his balls bouncing in to view. Anna was again letting out a mix of grunts and high pitched squeals. The action speeded up very quickly, and Paul was really banging Anna hard and she was now sighing loudly. Paul finally pushed in hard, clenched his buttocks and groaned loudly, clearly pumping his cum in to Anna, and then collapsed on top of her. He soon rolled off, and I very briefly saw his semi-erect cock, long and glistening. Anna pulled her legs together, turned on to her side and put her arm over Paul who was now flat on his back. My cock was by now rock hard and absolutely throbbing. Had it not been, I might have walked in whilst they were naked and exhausted. Strangely, my overriding sense was that I just didn’t want to get caught. My view was the longer this went on, the more chance I had of being discovered. I therefore sent a text to the effect that I had forgotten to tell Anna I had left Cumbria, and was now just filling up the car with petrol nearby to save time in the morning, and would be at the hotel in 15 mins – when was she likely to be back ? I heard the text arriving, realised if she replied they would hear that also, so quickly turned off my mobile. All hell broke loose next door, with Anna losing her cool and moving in to panic mode. After a lot of chat about texting later etc., I heard the door close from the next room, and someone scuttling down the corridor. There was a lot of noise as Anna set about cleaning up the room and opening the curtains / windows etc. She then went in to the bathroom as has always been her norm post sex. I waited a good 10 minutes, then loudly opened & closed my door, putting the lights on.

I went through the connecting door, and found Anna in the bathroom, she had brushed her teeth and was now brushing her hair, but strangely her make-up was still on and her mascara a little smeared. She smelt great, her perfume and natural perspiration and I was unbelievably horny. I cuddled up to Anna from behind, my hands caressed her boobs and I let one hand stray to her bottom. She smiled and pushed me back saying she was tired. I started kissing her neck and told her I was desperate after spending so much time in the car, and pressed my now throbbing erection in to her buttock to emphasis the point. She quietly mumbled OK, but can you be quick. We moved through to my bed, and whilst kissing, she got hold of my hard-on and started to wank me off, quickly stopping when I suggested getting the KY (which of course was no longer in my wash bag). I moved my hand to her pussy which felt hot and puffy. Normally I would go down between Anna’s legs, spend some time getting her turned on and almost always bring her to an orgasm with my tongue and fingers, whilst also lubricating her pussy to aid my penetration. However, I was somewhat put off by the idea of what had been going on earlier. I know some men love the idea of licking out after another man has cum inside their partner, but at that moment, it didn’t appeal. Instead I pulled up her nightdress, and slowly pushed Anna’s legs apart. She started to breath heavily and nervously, but didn’t push me away. I moved on top of her, and pushed my now almost bursting erect cock against her pussy lips. She felt loose and quite slick. She clearly hadn’t had time to fully clean up. Anna winced a bit as I fully mounted her and I pushed my cock all the way in, but her pussy was so hot. Anna moved her head to the side but kept her eyes open but almost emotionless as I pumped away inside her, gasping every now and then. Her legs remained wide open, but she didn’t draw them up or around my back which she would do when really in the throes of sex. It didn’t take me long to cum, and after a short cuddle, she gazed in to my eyes, smiled, kissed me and then I pulled out and she held me tightly for some time, before getting up and wandering back through to her bathroom. The following morning we drove back south again. The journey was almost silent, with a sense of sadness, but once home, we were back in to our routine and chatting as normal.

As we became more distant over time, I confronted Anna with the fact that I knew she had slept with Paul that day. I didn’t tell every detail of how I knew, but she admitted it all, and some more to boot, but blamed me for causing it all in the first place – it was of course all my fault, and in hindsight, she was probably correct. She claimed she never spoke to Paul again, that he was an arrogant dickhead ! Anna claimed that when they went to the hotel shop, they passed the empty bar, and Paul pulled her in there and started to kiss her, lightly first and then passionately. She then felt his erection pressing in to her, and when she pulled away and stared at him, he slipped his hand between her legs. At that point she was overcome with pent up lust and he made her feel so desirable. Anna then confirmed that she had suspected I had been playing away for some time, and had somewhat accepted it. We continued to live together for a while after that conversation, assuming we could adapt to an open marriage. However, it became a little odd, at times almost seedy, and at one large event we both were reckless and caused ourselves a huge amount of embarrassment and some damage to others. That was the turning point for our eventual separation. As mentioned, we still remain on good terms as we shared many good times and much in the time we did have together. We are both happy with our new found freedom, she with her new man and I have a special arrangement with someone from work that suits us both perfectly. I have other memories of that strange period that still excite me to this day, but that was the one that was triggered on Saturday evening, and I can almost remember it as if it happened just yesterday.