Written by David03

3 Jul 2011

My name is David 50 and my wife is Lynn 46, she is 5ft tall size 12 with 36dd tits and we have been together since she was 16.

My wife and I had been discussing fantasies as part of our sex life for some time when she told me she really wanted to fuck my best friend Phil.

This took me by surprise as I know they had a drunken snog and grope a couple of years ago but nothing else happened.she told me how he kissed her and squeezed her nipples and if they werent interupted who knows what would have happened.

I told her to tell me what she would have done and she explained in detail how she would have sucked his cock and let him cum wherever he wanted.

I was so turned on I came while she told me her fantasy.

The following weekend Phil and i had been to the football and on returning went back to my house for a drink.

Lynn was dressed as we were going out. she had on a black dress, black bra, stockings and suspenders and I saw Phil look at her as she moved around the room.

I then asked Phil if he remembered the drunken snog of a couple of years ago and explained Lynn and I were discussing it last night.He was a bit taken aback but I told him it was ok and if he wanted to he could fuck Lynn tonight.

After a bit of a silence I kissed Lynn and unzipped her dress and let it slip to the floor, I then led Lynn over to Phil and sat her on his knee.Lynn then started to kiss Phil, that was all he needed as he unclipped her bra and started to play with her tits.

I took a seat on the other side of the room and unzipped my trousers to play with my now hard cock.

Phil was kissing and biting lynns nipples as he removed her nickers and started fingering her pussy.He then stood up and Lynn released his cock and started sucking on it in a way I had shown her years earlier, her hands were holding on to his buttocks and she slowly parted them and slipped a finger in his arsehole. I thought I was going to explode there and then when she turned him round and buried her face between his arse cheeks and I could hear her licking and sucking at his sphincter.

She then bent over the end of the couch and Phil looked at me and smiled as he thrust his cock deep inside my wifes pussy, that was too much for me as I came all over my hands, my chest and some of it hit my chin which I licked off.

Phil was now pounding away and Lynn was panting wildly, then tensed and started to fill Lynns cunt with his seed.

As he withdrew and sat down his cum was dripping from Lynns puusy, I went over and started to lick any remaining juices from her soppy slit.

Phil and Lynn spent the rest of the night in our bed with me in the spare room, listening and wanking.

We hope for a repeat soon and I will write and let you know how we get on