10 Apr 2016

I have posted on here before about my wife’s favourite fantasy of a mfm threesome and how she cums hard when I talk dirty to her. Still haven’t taken the next step and is now looking more unlikely following the other nights events.

I got her to let me lick her under the covers while she watched a porn DVD which mainly had mfm threesomes. She normally takes a while to cum via my tongue but honestly she came within a few minutes and was of course extremely wet.

We fucked for a while before I started to touch her again while I lay under the covers allowing her a better view of the TV (and probably be less embarrassed watching it if I couldn’t see her watching it although I did sneak a few looks at her with her eyes wide open). I double penetrated her with my fingers and her arse kept drawing my finger in before she came really hard again.

While laying there as she started to play with me I said we could do that for real just the once if she wanted and I would be fine with it and liked the idea due to wanting to give her pleasure and loving how she gets so turned on, but she said she could never do it for real with someone else.

She seemed slightly put off by the idea but she was stone cold sober and before she has only revealed things after having a drink or 2. I’m sorry if this is a bit tame for on here but is 100% genuine.