Written by DirtyHusband

27 Oct 2017

My wife’s blonde size 12 big tits and a sexy rump on her. Always gets me so horny thinking about her. Sadly she doesn’t have as high a sex drive as me. But when she is really horny she knows how to really turn me on. I love dirty talking and she always so good. Its been going for ages talking about things one thing that’s always come up is when she’s on her knees sucking me is talking about her getting fucked while she’s doing it. Before It used to be me talking about it then she started mentioning it obviously knowing it turned me on. Then it got mentioned more and when she was on top riding me one time I started talking about it as I was playing with her clit, talking getting fucked and she really came hard. I started thinking this must really turn her on if she’s in the mood so I thought I would try spicing things up a bit and suggested we go out in the car sometime.

So we had a meal and she was dressed up all nice she had a shortish black dress on high heels and no knickers like I suggested. Before the meal I was playing with her pussy in the car kissing and groping her hoping to get her really horny but she kept telling me to get off and wait til after. She was obviously teasing me as she was feeling my hard cock about bulging out my jeans. So we went for a meal and it was killing me I have never eaten so fast in my life. I was sneaking in small hints about what I wanted to do to her now and again so we finished and went back to the car. We were sitting in the car park and kissing and I was playing with her pussy telling her what I wanted to do to her and she was already really wet. She was suggesting going back home but I talked her into going somewhere.

It was already quite late by this point and getting dark so I thought perfect! We went just out of town to where it was pretty much just roads. I knew one place that would be quiet it was a car park of a country park sort of place i knew there was dogger's there some times but it was deserted. Soon as we parked I was all over her, playing with her groping her breasts pulling her dress up. We were kissing as she played with me and I was fingering her and playing with her clit and she was really wet and obviously really horny. Soon she was sucking me in the passenger seat as I moved the seat back. I was so horny I nearly shot my load watching her suck me she looked so sexy I pushed her back and kissed and fingered her again. Talking dirty to her I could tell she was gagging for it then she shoved me down telling me se needed to fuck me.

She climbed on top of me and her pussy was so wet as she slid on me. I was in heaven I was having to really bite my lip to hold off it felt so good as she got into a rhythm riding me. She was slowly riding me when I noticed there was another car and someone was getting out. I didn’t tell her as she was grinding on me as I was playing with her clit. I told her we were being watched and she said “I don’t care I just want to cum on your cock” I seen the guy come over and he kept his distance a bit watching i could see he was a young black guy i was half expecting a dirty old man. I pulled her tits out so he got a better view as she said “Mmm you going to suck my tits and give him a show” I was thinking ull be lucky at this point I was so turned on. I hadn’t noticed he had started wanking. I lay back watching her grind on me as she watched him wanking. I said “just imagine that inside you as you suck me” She moaned as I said it so I suggested maybe she should open the car door and bend over and suck me, “Do you think I should tease him with my pussy?” by this point I was beyond horny and said yes. So she opened the door and climbed out as I moved forward a bit I don’t know if she said anything to him or even looked at him but he kind of moved back a bit.

She turned round and bend over her dress still hiked up. I sat in the seat and moved round as she started sucking my cock her ass in the air. She was sucking away as the guy moved closer still wanking as he was watching. I could see his hand touching her ass and move and must of started playing with her pussy as she was moaning loudly on my cock which really was making me struggle. He was fingering her as he was wanking. Then she turned round to him “get your cock in me” well he didn’t take much persuading and moved behind her and slid it in as she moved up and started kissing me gasping for breath as he pushed into her. I was rock hard watching her as he started fucking her she was sucking me hard and moaning as he started pounding her. She was breathless telling him “That’s it fuck me hard, give me that black cock” I was so gagging to cum at this point biting through my lip watching her. He carried on for a few minutes before it got a bit much for him and he slowed down til he stopped still deep inside her. She turned to him “mmm you gonna cum baby” he must of said yes, she looked at me asking “will I make him cum on my tits?” I was a bit confused I had so many thoughts racing through my head on what I wanted to see so I said “how about you take it in your mouth as I fuck you” she agreed and moved out the car I pulled her round to the bonnet and laid her on it flat on her back legs spread with her heels on the bumper the guy was obviously close as he had stopped wanking til my wife pulled his cock over he leaned over her as she started sucking him her pussy was soaking as I slid it in her with a perfect view of her sucking him to the side. She was moaning on his cock as he was slowly fucking her mouth then started getting faster as his moaning got louder next thing he pulled away and started wanking in her face fast. I started fucking her hard and fast playing with her clit as she was opening her mouth sticking her tongue out as the guy exploded over her face and mouth he emptied a big load over her I could tell she was close to cumming as she was flinching he held her head with his cock in her mouth as she sucked the cum off it as I fucked her so deep I couldn’t hold off any longer and I cum hard and deep in her for what seemed like ages. I collapsed over her I could already feel the cum dripping out. The guy said it was amazing hope your here again soon and wandered off I was kind of like what the… my wife was lying on the bonnet wiping the cum off her face and sucking it off her fingers I was fit to collapse.

We got ourselves sorted and got back in the car. We talked about how sexy that was, she said she has never been so horny and I asked if she had cum and she said she did when he was fucking her as it was such a turn on and when he cum over her. We didn’t really talk about it much after til we fucked a few days later I was on the couch as she was teasing me telling me how she wanted to get fucked again so I said we can maybe do it again then she said she wants me to watch her get fucked by 2 black guys next time aslong as they have bigger cocks than her first. Its been such a turn on by how dirty and horny shes been since so that will def be happening soon.