Written by Generous Jim

28 Sep 2017

Just got back from lovely holiday in the Canarries at an adult only hotel. When I booked it I wondered if there would be anybody like myself who enjoys fun with like minded people. Just when it looked like it was just people on holiday we got talking at the pool with a nice friendly couple Ian and Sally. Sally was quite flirtatious with both me and wife emphasising her ample breasts spilling out of her costume she also paid my wife some nice compliments. I was in the pool with Ian and he explained that they sometimes played with other couples. I explained that although I was on SH and played with couples my wife did not and did not know. Before I get judged let me explain I love my wife dearly but she has had serious depression for many years been on medication which inhibits her libido and was brought up as an only child to be told sex was dirty. So our sex life has been somewhat restricted hence me being on here. However she is getting better.

Anyway back to the story, Ian suggested that may Sally should give my wife a massage as she is qualified. I said even this would probably be no as she is self conscious and shy but suggested we had a few drinks by the pool. We have a few drinks and the flirting gets a bit stronger. Sally suggests to my wife they go back to their room where she will give my wife a massage while the boys enjoy a couple more drinks by the pool. They go off and we have a few drinks then after an hour we go back to our respective rooms. When I enter my wife jumps on me pushes me on the bed pulls my shorts off and straddles me and fucks me really hard and comes almost instantly. I asked if she had a good time and she said yes it was ok but would not say any more.

Anyway later that night I see Ian in the bar and we go to a quiet table where he tells me what happened. When the girls got to the room Sally poured them a drink from the mini bar and told my wife to take her costume off so as not to get oil on it lay face down on the bed and use a towel to cover her modesty if she felt embarrassed. Sally said she would take her costume off as well as did not want to get oil on it. Sally started with oil working on her back and shoulders and moving down to her arse all the time letting her tits gently brush my wife's back. Sally then moved to her legs and started and started at the bottom and kept working her way up her thigh, every now and then brushing my wife's shaven pushy. Apparently my wife eased her legs slightly wider and started breathing heavier. Sally told my wife to turn over so she could do the front. Sally then massaged her breasts and worked her way down just grazing my wife's pussy every now and then. Sally lent down and kissed my wife's nipple to which she responded. Sally then laid down and they kissed and Sally inserted a finger into my wife's fancy and brought her off. My wife did not reciprocate but had a cuddly and kiss then said she needed to go. Sally asked if she enjoyed it and asked if she wanted to do it again sometime to which my wife replied yes that would be nice. However nothing happened for the rest of the holiday other than I joined Ian and Sally in there room for spit roast while my wife slept by the pool, but that's another story.