Written by Manchesterluckyman

9 Jul 2012

Well i have previously had a 3sum, with a former girlfriend, it was not something we planned on doing, but happened with a friend, but that was a long time ago.

When you first meet a new girlfriend, you go through the regular motions of divulging previous conquests and stories. One conquest that my now wife, brings up, and cant forget about, it the fact that i did have a 3som with my previous girlfriend.

Its not something that makes her jealous, but she has always wanted to hear about how it happened, and what we did, she is especially interested when we are getting naughty ourselves.

I have always had the impression, that my wife, would be up for having a 3som, but in what capacity i didnt know, mmf or mff, my preference would have been mmf.

I brought the subject up on numerous occasions during sex, she always seemed interested, but in the cold light of day, the idea was always brushed off. Its not something i was disappointed with, i had been there and done it.

One night though, i was blown away, by what happened.

Both a little tipsy, and coming to the end of a decent night out with her sister and husband, we all jumped in a taxi together. We dropped off her sister and husband, and continued on the journey to our home. We get home and instantly start getting cosy with each other. Caroline, had a lovely set of noshing lips and wasted no tie on going down on me the minute we got into the house. This was nothing out of the ordinary, she will openly confess to adoring blow jobs, something which i find amazing, she puts so much effort in!

Whilst returning the favour, she was talking dirty, asking me how horny would it be if she had a cock in her mouth whilst i was licking her out. I stopped, called her a chicken and carried on, pointing out that she would only be interested if she were drunk! Her reply was probably, but if it could be arranged now, she would be up for it.

I was taken a back, but carried on licking away, the more and more i thought about it, the more and more i was up for it. So 10 minutes later, a Swinging Heaven profile was created, and guy was found. Pretty straight forward!

We went to bed, and had a frantic fuck, half expecting the guy we chatted to not to knock on the front door, but low and behold the door is being knocked, we thought about not answering, last minute nerves, but i did.

Upstairs we went, there she was, naked on the bed, horny as hell, and wanting a strange mans cock. I tried to make light of the situation, by telling our mystery friend (Ian - Thanks Again) he would have to settle for sloppy seconds. He didnt seem to mind, tongue straight in, he didnt even bother taking off his clothes. Caroline, whilst not having the body of a supermodel, does have a nice pert pair of tits, and a nice proportioned body. Seeing another man, licking her and seeing her body move the way it did, was really horny, and i wasted no time in putting my cock close enough to her face so that she could suck on it. which she wasted no time in doing.

Ian, stood up, and started to take off his clothes, revealing what can only be described as a massive cock. Its not something we asked him, and something that was not really an issue in deciding on who to pick, but a nice bonus for Caroline i suppose. I am reasonable in the size dept, but this was XXL!

Caroline willingly opened her legs, and still unawares of what was to come, let out a massive groan, WTF was her initial reaction, but soon, inch by inch, she was being fucked increasingly faster by a stranger! Awesome!

I lay on my back and she positioned her mouth over the tip of my cock whilst she was being fucked from behind, every two or three thrusts she was unable to even suck on me, such was the velocity of her fucking, and i couldnt contain myself, and cum all over her chin!!

Ian was not far behind, pulling out and cumming over her lower back and arse, she fell to the bed, and all of a sudden, became silent and embarrassed. Ian understood the situation, dressed and left.

Caroline jumped into the shower, as did i, i woke up in the morning to possibly the best blow job i have ever received, i asked is she had enjoyed the night before, which she did, and was happy to have had her first and unfortuanetly her last threesome, i suppose she has satisfed her curiosity!!