Written by zzz

10 Sep 2015

We had been married for a few months and things were going well, a new house and colossal mortgage but with both of us working we were getting by. Diane had got a new job at a wholesalers and I was working in deliveries for a firm meaning early starts most days but weekends free. We were the same as many newly weds inasmuch as our bedroom lives were hectic, frenetic and exhausting. We were in an after shag lull and as usual I was suggesting she thought of her being screwed by another guy. The normal discussions as many on here allude to was the suggestion seemed very tempting but would it damage our relationship. I could only guess whether all would remain the same after such a momentous event, but told her I believed it would strengthen our bond. My cock twitched in her hand as I said this and she smiled lovingly and said she had been chatted up by a rep a few times and he had asked her out only the previous week. I kissed her and pushed my erection towards her and she pulled back the duvet and stroked then licked my painfully erect cock as I told her how much I would love her to have some fun with him.

It was the Tuesday of the next week when she announced at breakfast that Peter, the rep was going to be in her office later that day. I mentioned that maybe she should wear something to get him going and she smiled and said she would and see what happens. I followed her upstairs and she opened her wardrobe and picked out a skirt with buttons up the front. One of my favourites. She stripped naked and asked if I thought stockings and suspenders would be appropriate, knowing my answer would be definitely. She donned a cream suspender belt and matching thong and found the matching bra too, then slipped on black stockings and a white blouse which showed the faint outline of her creamy cups, full and filled with soft breasts and hard nipples which actually penetrated the material of both bra and blouse. She said maybe a button or two would be undone for when he arrived but she would look proper for the rest of the day. A look of devilment in her eyes and a big kiss of thanks from me. Diane is about five foot four and has large breasts 38D, her body is nicely proportioned and her legs divine due to her walking and cycling a lot. Her hair is blonde, natural and quite fine, soft to the touch. She usually wears a musky perfume which turns me on, she took it with her to use when he arrived. From her office where she works alone, she can see down a corridor and anyone approaching is recognisable from afar.

I had difficulty in concentrating having an image of her sitting looking gorgeous at her desk, her young body attempting to lure the rep to take her body if he asked her for another date. I got home before her and started making our evening meal, she was late, what did it mean? had she been fucked already? are they fucking right this minute? I was a wreck.

I heard the front door open and she was there with a wicked smile on her face. She gave me a lovely kiss and said 'He asked me out this Saturday, do you mind?' I was ecstatic, she asked if anything was spoiling and when I said I had prepared but not started cooking, she grabbed my hand and led me up to the bedroom. I sat on the bed and asked her to tell all. He had arrived just after lunch and most of the rest of the staff were still at lunch, she managed to open two buttons on her skirt and one on her blouse before he was close enough to see her. A gap in the desk at the front allowed her to display her legs and those stockings were the first thing he saw. His eyes lit up and he gave her a kiss and before any business was done, said she looked stunning and he was going to have her as soon as he could. He kept looking at her body and saying how gorgeous she looked, he begged her to give him a further peek up her skirt by opening one more button, she slipped it open and stood up so he could open the split and see her stocking tops and with a little tug she slipped the skirt high enough for him to see her cream panties covering her delicious cunt lips. She told me her cunt was wet and that a damp patch was visible. He tried to finger her but she refused and said 'Where are you going to take me this weekend?' He suggested they went for a meal and then back to his place if she was not winding him up. Di told me she was very turned on by everything which was happening and that she had made her mind up she was going to let him fuck her.

She had been standing and showing me what he had been treated to at her office, undoing her skirt by the first two and then the third button, and showed me how much of her panties she had treated him to. I said he must have been rampant and she said he had a nice bulge in his pants which she wanted to explore as soon as she could. We had brilliant sex as we discussed the naughty details with the promise of a lovely cum filled cunt for me to lick out on her return. This was something I had as yet not tasted, but I was keen to find out. We fucked each evening for the rest of the week, being specifically turned on as Saturday neared. At last it was the morning of the day and she asked if we could go shopping for something for her to allure him. I detest shopping but this was one trip I was raring to go on.

We returned with some new underwear from Ann Summers with sexy stockings with a seam and lacy top, A new wrapover dress which came to just above the knee and gaped perfectly, A new long coat (maxi) to keep him guessing, it was autumn by the way. We discussed condoms but as she was on the pill and the fact she loves spunk, dismissed the idea as neither of us liked the smell of them. Her lover was due to pick her up in four hours and I suggested she had a long soak in the bath and I would pamper that lovely body to prepare her to be fucked for the first time by a different cock. While she bathed I got some body oils out, lit a few candles and drew the curtains before hanging her clothes for the evening on hangers, her underwear out of the packets and on the bed where I had turned back the duvet and laid a towel for her to receive her pampering. She emerged glowing warm and looking very sexy.

A long massage with warm oils, her body shining subtlely, she closed her eyes as I worked on her glorious naked body. She had trimmed her pubic hair into a neat loveheart, shaving her lips giving her labia a very inviting appearance I told her he would love getting his hands on her body 'Hope so' she replied, my cock was twitching endlessly as I did my work. After twenty minutes or so she was ready to apply her make up and reveal the inner slut she was intending to become.

I watched her applying her makeup, slightly more overdone for his benefit, her eyes laid heavy with mascara and toning her lips with just a bit more red, her hair in a just ravished look. Then she put on her underwear, her body divine and increasingly sexy. We had bought some crotchless panties and I almost shot my load when I saw them on her with her cunt lips just peeking out. She said she felt wicked in them and I agreed she was a whore for the night, she agreed they were perfect for what was now obviously going to happen. A gin and tonic and a check of the clock, he was due in an hour. I fixed a gin and tonic for both of us and we sat sipping them together, Di admitting to butterflies in her tummy and an overwhelming urge to enjoy the night provided he turned up. That was a question I had never entertained. He knew Diane was married so maybe he would get cold feet. I panicked but need not have done, the doorbell rang at the appointed time. His company car was outside and the guy was welcomed into our house by me as she finished dressing. It was a bit awkward shaking his hand and making small talk with a guy who in a couple of hours would be fucking my lovely pretty wife.

I could not help but have a lump in my throat when she appeared in the lounge, the wrapover showing her thigh to the stocking welt. Peter said she looked gorgeous and I said I hoped they had a good time. I must admit to a strong pang of jealousy which almost had me calling things off, she was simply stunning, but I kissed her and said to him to look after her, he grinned and said that would be a pleasure. With that she donned her long coat and covered up and they left the house with me now beginning the turmoil of any guy knowing his wife was going to experience a new cock.

It was before the days of mobile phones and so I had a wall of silence to contemplate. I half watched the tv but could not concentrate, Match of the Day was boring, my mind was on what might at this moment be happening. Of course it was pre SH and so my pile of porn mags were my only source of entertainment. That was pretty much torture too, looking at sexy girls flashing their cunts and tits, the stories in some of the mags were recounting the situation I had manufactured, men getting their wives fucked by bigger longer cocks with more staying power. It was during this reading that I sorted myself out, thinking how great things had been as we chose her clothes, the talk of what might happen, the doubts were never too far away, but now the reality was that we needed to embrace this life style if she came back home having enjoyed the experience. This was the future and where it would lead us was yet to be discovered. I stayed up wondering again and again about whether things would change between us, I sincerely hoped not, but it was all conjecture, the truth could be something I did not want to hear.

I eventually went to bed around two am and lay awake with a hard on despite three wanks to calm me down. my mind was still full of what might be going on, mentally she had received at least fifteen loads of spunk from the one cock, ridiculous but my brain was in a loop of sexual activity that it was impossible to break until she got back home. Just after three I heard the approach of a car down the road. I leapt out of bed and twitched the curtains to look furtively out. It was them. They both got out and I heard the house door opened and hushed voices downstairs. They went into the lounge below where I stood naked and erect. The drinks cupboard opened and closed and I heard two glasses on the table and the sound of my whisky being poured. Then she said loud enough for me to hear, 'I need the loo and I'll see if he is awake' I leapt into bed and awaited her arrival. She shut the bathroom door and came out after the toilet flushed then looked round the bedroom door, I lay naked on the bed with my hard on in my hand. She came to me and slipped off her dress, her panties were gone as was her bra, she stood in the half light in her stockings and suspenders not looking as fresh and ravishing as when she went out, but she looked well fucked and smelt of sex. 'Have a good time?' I asked. 'Fantastic' she told me 'Has he fucked you' 'Of course and we have had a great time and he wants to fuck me again downstairs if you would like to watch, I will leave the door just open, but don't come in ok?' I promised to try and be good, she asked me to give them a couple of minutes and then be as quiet as I could.

She kissed me, I felt her cunt lips, slippery. She kissed me again and I got a finger inside her lips and then she was gone. I sniffed my finger and could detect spunk after giving it a lick. They talked a while so I left it as long as I dared then the room went quiet and the sound of kissing and then a few murmurs and the rustle of clothing. I had been standing at the top of the stairs but now steadily one tread at a time, descended, then took the three steps across the hallway to the door beyond which I was yet to look. I found the hinge end gave me a good view. Di was sucking on Peter's naked cock, his clothes were strewn across the room and Di's nude body looked fantastic, her nipples were hard as nuts and she had a look of lust in her eyes. Peter was saying how lucky he was and that he wanted to fuck her again as much as he could and I heard him say he would love to screw her over her desk in the lunchtime on Monday because it was the quietest day of the week with only two of the warehouse staff being in and several managers were at a conference that his company was running, so he could get away and the place would be empty, certainly in the offices anyway. Di said it would be risky but fun and that was a date, she was just gently wanking him and I saw his prick was around the same as mine, but looked wider and Di could hardly get her hand around it. His fingers were bringing her to a climax and she said 'Not again@ then she gasped and he let fly, his fingers accelerating in her cunt and she gushed as he told her what a naughty girl she was, I was amazed and almost gave my self away, but Di pushed him back onto the settee and mounted him, kneeling each side of his cock and sliding it home amidst her sex juices and doubtless a few spurts of spunk already there.

She rode him and he played with her dangling tits and nipples, urging her to keep fucking his cock and he would fill her again with come. The dirty talk had me going but also Di as she fucked him to completion, he was trying to keep quiet but failed as he shot his last wad of come into her. I later learned that he had fucked her three times at his place and typical of younger people, had been sucked off too. I crept back upstairs and Di stayed down talking with him until dawn, almost six in the morning. I heard his car go and she came upstairs and got into bed in her stockings and sussies, took my hand and guided it to her sopping cunt, I was rampant and slipped into her as she retold me of her adventure, spunking inside her and then licking out as much as I could, messy, smelly but ready for a repeat any time she wanted it. She got fucked over her desk that monday, scarcely thirty six hours after her marathon with Peter and he took her out a few more times and fucked her regularly until he got promoted to Wales, but those stories are for another time