Written by Barbara

5 Jun 2017

I have been married over 20 years and have never strayed. Last week at a works party I met this very tall good looking guy.We danced close together and I could feel his large erection against my dress as we danced close together .My pussy was getting very damp in anticipation.

He suggested we go back to huis nearby flat for a nightcap. I am married and knew my husband would be waiting up for me o but agreed. Once in his flat he mixed me some champagne cocktails and before long we were kissing and cuddling. He quickly removed my top and my 36dd breasts came out of my bra he kissed them all over and sucked at the nipples . His deft fingers undid my skirt and pulled down my panties revealing my waxed pussy which he kissed and caressed. My clit become elongated and he kissed it lovingly. I was so wet and his 10 inch cock slid easily into my pussy. He was so big I felt my pussy stretched to its limit.

he took a long time to cum and I had multiple[le orgasms I. I felt better than I had ever felt

He took me home at 2AM and I crept into bed as my husband was asleep. I so need another session soon