Written by zzz

11 Sep 2015

Wow, impressed by the comments and ready to offer a slight variation on our sexual exploration. As I said yesterday, my wife Diane had submitted to the wiles of a rep who visited her workplace. We had previously been talking about varying our experiences and I admit my mind was very active in this way, typical guy I suppose, sex first, middle and last thing I thought about, football a close second and all other matters a distant third. I qualify my lovely wife as in the prime category, uniting love with the fun of sex.

I had the joy of watching through the gap in the door the night of her first escapade and was thrilled with the experience of a different cock and different body fucking her. We were therefore keen to expand our fun in all sorts of ways as we learned via the usual routes, porn, mags etc about different kinds of sex, water sports were not our kink, nor pain, but a bit of bondage we found to be fun and also flashing, which could be at varying limits of riskiness.

By accident I fell into the idea of maybe flashing in a local park where the gates had been left unlocked after years of dusk lock ups. I was in need of a pee and happened to be passing the park, locking the car and hurrying for relief, I got into the toilet and sighed as my bladder drained, of course there were a lot of scrawls of graffiti on the walls various crude drawings of cocks and naked women and phone numbers with sexy messages, some dated. Curiosity gripped me, perhaps they were the scribblings of a teenager but possibly someone with a tendency to either observe or have sex with strangers. I took down a couple of the more likely messages and went home. That evening I spoke to Di about the idea, saying we should exercise care, but it might give us and someone else a bit of fun. She was all for it and sked what we would do next. I showed her the numbers and said maybe we should either ring one or go to the toilet and write our own message.

We decided as we had two numbers we should call them from a phone box, so on our way for a drink at our local, we dropped into a call box, Di said I should do the talking as she might get things all wrong. We stood cramped together as I dialled the first number and got a woman at the other end, I asked if Rich was there and she asked who was calling, I said I was a workmate, she called him and shortly after he was speaking to me, my throat dried up and I croaked a garbled message, he asked what I wanted and I gained enough composure to tell him I had seen his message on the toilet wall and my wife was keen to meet him. He asked for our number and said he would call me back. I gave him our home number and said could he call in about ten minutes for us to get back home. Di was now breathing heavily and I was clearing my brain over what came next.

We got back home and after a few minutes the phone rang, we both jumped and then smiled to each other. I told him we would like to meet him, but wanted to be sure he was not anyone we knew or whether we would like him, we had agreed that I would ask him to walk through the park gates at around half ten this evening and we would be somewhere down the road together. I asked him to tell us what he was wearing so we knew who we were looking out for. We would then like him to call us back where we could arrange a place to meet. He said it was his first time but had always found the smell in the toilets a huge turn on. I found them usually repulsive, but on occasions, a lingering smell of sex did pass my nostrils but I had never seen any activity. Rich asked if it was a wind up and asked if he could speak to Di so I passed her the handpiece, she looked startled and I left her to talk as she wanted. I listened as she spoke to him, they seemed to be talking for ages but to my joy, she was beginning to laugh and pass a few bawdy comments and saying he sounded a randy sod. She replaced the receiver and said we should get some special clothes on in case we decided on fun.

Upstairs she stripped and put on her favourite red and black suspender belt and matching bra and panties, then a playnight top, very low cut, and some black stockings. She got the wardrobe door opened but I stopped her and I said I thought her new long coat would be enough. A wicked smile on her face and she shrugged out of her panties and said 'In for a penny' I was ecstatic as she buttoned the coat up and we went out to the car. We were soon in place and he was not far behind, the description of his pullover and distinctive Bob Dylan type hat were enough of a trademark. We looked at each other as he entered the gates and I asked what she thought. it was dark of course but she said he didn't have three heads or look like a psychopath so maybe it would be fine. She suggested one of us had a chat with him and then she said maybe it would be fun if she went. I agreed and said I would be following her discreetly. She got out of the car and undid the coat then with her hands in her pocket, kept the coat overlapping for modesty, she turned and headed through the gates into the park and towards the toilets. i heard her heels disappearing into the depths of the park.

i was now back to my overexcited state, heart thudding, mind doing somersaults, stomach churning in sheer confusion of ecstasy as my lovely wife stepped nearer to a guy she had never met but was going to allow him to see her near naked body. I was quite a way behind but walking stealthily, wary not to give the game away. I rounded a tree and saw he was standing in the light of the entrance to the toilets, dim bulkhead lights were poor but better than nothing. Diane was nearing him and her coat was draping open. I hid behind some large laurel bushes where I was only about twenty feet away. They began to talk together and I saw his head was directed to her lower body obviously getting an eyeful of her trimmed bushy pussy sans panties. They talked for a little while then he led her into the gents toilets. I broke cover and ran as quietly as possible to the entrance. I knew there was a modesty wall screening passers by from users so I would see very little but in the quiet of the park I could hear hushed talking as Di and Rich spoke, they were reading the wall. I peeked round the screen and immediately saw her coat and bra on the floor just inside the toilet main part, she was standing with his cock in her hand and his fingers gently moving in her open pussy. She was reading out loud about fucking and cocks and cunts while getting herself touched up by what looked like a twenty plus year old. His talk was faltering with excitement and Di was enjoying being a slut. She asked if he would like to fuck her and he said 'Yes'. She put her hands on the wall over the urinal and leaned forwards, her lovely arse and cunt presented for him to use and fill with his spunk.

I let my face be seen and said I would keep watch in case anybody else came and that it was ok. Rich dropped his trousers and pants and slipped his erection against her bum, rubbing it around. Di was in a high state of excitement and said she needed his cock inside her, fucking her, she put her hand between her legs and stroked his cock and balls and said she was ready for it now, she fed his cock end into her cunt and eased back making him enter her even if he was not wanting it. He said he didn't think he would last long and shafted her quickly. Di was already coming after a couple of strokes and she made a noisy growl as he fucked his rod inside her, she urged him deeper and he shot his load all too soon for us all. He gasped an apology and his cock withered and slipped out, spunk dripping onto the floor in a puddle. Di was panting and asked me to complete the job. I stepped forwards and she moved Rich to her face and sucked and licked him clean while I administered her second cock in three minutes, also coming after a couple of minutes due to the eroticism of the situation.

We were all panting and satisfied afterwards and we walked out of the park as a threesome and went for a pint before making arrangements for the three of us to meet and have some more outdoor fun at the weekend, Di was certainly taking to varied sexual fun rather than remaining in the marital bed with the lights out, hallelujah