Written by kevin

12 May 2010


Like most married men, we always want more sex, been married to Sally for nearly 18 years, kids, work etc, never enough time to enjoy a good sex life etc.Sally not very sexual, so any thing beyond kisses, play with her tits, pussy etc, climb on ,10 minutes then all over for a few weeks,is out of the question.Well I had always wanted to fuck her ass,but she would never let me.

Anyway we went out on our own to a chinese for a meal, Sally had quite a bit to drink, me driving, so we had had the main course, and sat chatting, when Sally reaches under the table and starts playing with my cock, rubbing it through my trousers, talking all sexy and how she wants to be fucked up the arse, and she wants me to fuck her mouth and come in her mouth.

In five minutes we are in the people carrier, me with a stiff cock, looking for somewhere quiet, can't go home because of the kids. So I find a quiet area round the back of a shopping complex.I tell her to get in the back of the people carrier, we get in the back of the car, lifting up her skirt, pulling aside her wet knickers, to expose her puckered asshole.I ask her if she is sure, because I'm not going to stop once I start fucking her, but she insists,

so I start to rub her pussy with my fingers, gradually running my thumb into her ass, using her juices to lubricate her, to slowly open her up, also bending down to lick around her bum hole, driving her wild, come on hurry up,she says, I offer up my cock to her arse,rubbing it against her cunt and back to her ass,spreading her juices

over her bum and my cock, I reach down and press my cock against her bum hole and push gently, making her intake of breath, pushing forward she starts to open for me, gently letting me enter her , she is breathing hard now as I push more of the head into her arse

unbelievable tightness around my cock, then suddenly the head is through the ring of her anus,oh deep joy, I start to thrust into her, but I am too big for her, she starts to wimper, too late, I am going for it, driving my cock into her ass, pulling her ass cheeks apart,watching my cock disappear into her darkest place,I don't last long and pump my come into her arse, with her trembling on my cock.

just then the bloody security patrol car turns into the compound, so we quickly get our selves straight, and drive off.

on the way home I ask her if she is ok,yes she said, but it hurt,Did you enjoy it,she answered in a quiet yes, good, because I'm fucking it again when we get home, and I did.

Sadly after a few weeks she stopped letting me do it, but now it drives me crazy, thinking about it, so if any ladies are up for it,or want to try it, message me and lets meet soon, as sex is almost non existant now.