Written by steve_timms

4 Feb 2012

This is a true story that happened to me on New Years Eve 20011, my wife and I along with four other friends booked tickets for a New Year eve party at a local hotel. One of the friends was my wifes old school friend who Ill call Shelia. Sheila is 52, quite pretty and happily married, we go out as a foursome with her husband regularly. Shelia has a remarkable pair of tits 36c; I know the size because she asks my wife to get her matching underwear from her place of work.

In the past she has come to our house straight from work to go out with my wife and many a time she has changed her top in the lounge in front of me without a care and I get to gaze on her wonderful breasts. She has never got down to her knickers because I know that she wears thongs and there is not much left to the imagination and my wife has told me. On the way home from last years new years eve party we were sharing a taxi, we were al a bit the worst for wear and I was sitting between Sheila and my wife in the back, before I knew it Sheila had taken her hold ups off and was wrapping them round my neck like a scarf, I had an instant erection.

This year we went to the same hotel and the drink was flowing freely, Sheila looked nice in a black dress showing a bit of cleavage but I didnt know whether she was wearing stockings or tight. During the evening we had a few dances and by midnight we were all fairly drunk, as we were sing Auld Lang Syne and crossed arms I was next to Sheila and my hand was rubbing the side of her breast so I made the most it and when the music finished went round hand shaking and kissing, now usually its a kiss on the cheek and a hog, this year it was a kiss on the lips for what seemed like an eternity but was probably 5/6 seconds, this sent my imagination into overdrive.

About 10 minutes later the DJ put a slow song on and before I had chance to get up Sheila came over and dragged me onto the dance floor, I thought her husband will be watching me like a hawk but then he got up and danced with my wife. Sheila and I were dancing slowly to the song and I could feel her breasts pushing into my chest at this point I thought Fuck It and held her tighter and pulled her into me at the same time I could feel my cock getting hard. She was now holding me tight and snuggling her head into my shoulder, I turned slightly, pushing my restrained dick into her, she made slight gasp and moved away slightly. I thought Ive blown it, and apologised, she just looked at me and said it was OK, I didnt think I had that effect on you, I just said that she did, at she put her head back onto my shoulder and moved back so that she was pushing onto my erection. I thought im going to explode in my pants, and held her closely to me stroking her back and occasionally running my hand over her bum. Whilst all this was going on my wife and her husband were dancing just one couple of feet away. When the record finished I went to walk away and Sheila pulled me to her and kissed me on the lips I responded like a dog on heat and stuck my tongue in her mouth and she pulled away the came back and kissed me again. Not wanting to push my luck I suggested we sat down. Half an hour later she went to the ladies and I thought I would try my luck, I said I needed to go and followed her out and down the stairs into the reception area, as we went past one of the alcoves on the way to the toilets I pulled her to me and kissed her and she responded buy pushing herself into me. We moved into the alcove and whilst kissing her was feeling her breast over her dress, she was giving out little groans, I was now pushing my erection into her groin area and she was pushing back. I moved my hand down to the front of her dress and started rubbing her pussy through her dress, she started to buck a little and her tongue was half way down my throat. I run my hand around by her bum and lifted her dress up so that I could put my hand on her bum and yes, she was wearing hold ups. As I got to her bum it was obvious she was wearing a thong the naked flesh was almost too much to bare.

I thought it now or never and moved my hand around to the front of her thong and began rubbing her pussy through the thin material, she was now very, very wet, I slipped two fingers under her thong and just penetrated the unshaven pussy when she pulled away and said I cant go that far. I didnt push it, and we went back to the table.

When we all left about an hour later we said our goodbyes on the hotel car park and I kissed her again, again she kissed me on the lips and brushed her hand over my dick. Maybe she will go further.