Written by hubby.

7 Sep 2007

I came home early, and as usual entered the house in a quiet manner.

There was no sound in the house and so started to climb the stairs to take off my clothes and have a shower after being at work all day.

Half way up the stairs I detected a slight sound and so proceeded slowly and quietly, just in case.

Our bedroom door was open and the mirrored sliding wardrobe doors reflected our double bed on to the top of the stairs where I was standing.

My wife was lying on the bed slowly masterbating.

Oblivious to my precence, I just stood on the top stair and watched as she caressed one nipple and massaged her clit with the other hand occassionally slipping two fingers in to her fanny pushing in and out.

I waited umtil she built to a climax watching with awe.

When she had finished I crept slowly and quetly downstairs and waited reading a book until she came down, apparently fresh as a daisy and in a good mood.

" Had a good day?" I said.

"Yes fine thanks" she said.

This is the first time in over twenty years of marriage I have witnessed this.