Written by Arjay

17 Jan 2009

My wife and I have been married since 1999. She has had a couple of threesomes before we were married. One time with a married couple that didn’t turn out so well because the wife of the couple got jealous about the attention her husband was paying to my now wife. All though she did get her pussy ate & fingered by the female and loved it. She didn’t get a chance to re-pay the favor. She was about to and said she felt a little strange about the situation. She did enjoy the husband of the couple fucking her especially when she would ask the husband if he liked fucking her in front of his wife.

One specific memory she has and expressed to me was while she was getting fucked by the husband missionary style, she was vigorously rubbing her clit to the brink of orgasm looking over just in time to see the wife of the couple start to cum. This sent her over the edge and came herself really hard. Mostly to the fact that she was getting pounded by what she says was an amazing cock. But what really set her off was the wife of the couple was masturbating rubbing her clit with her right hand and double fingering her pussy with her left making sloshing sounds because of how wet she was. This sent her over the edge. The wife of the couple was on the bed positioned so her pussy was right to the side of my future wife’s face. The couple was an up-scale couple and both awesome looking according to my wife. I have seen a couple of pictures and she is right.

Her other threesome relationship that lasted for 3 years was with a couple of best friends that were guys that fucked her silly often. The biggest rush for all three is when both guys would fuck her separately and want to know all the lusty details when she was with the other friend. She was never shy about giving them the nasty details while in the heat of passion. These 2 guys between them must have fucked her over 400 times in those 3 years.

Now her past experiences are a major turn on during our love making....