Written by Gary873

10 Dec 2009

Wow, what a night I had on Sunday............

Let me begin by telling you that I am a virgin swinger, with no experience in that department what so ever!!!

Gary and myself decided that we would like to have a little fun and excitement, the thought of me getting fucked by another man really turns him on, and me being the dutiful wife that I am, was more than happy to oblige.

I must admit, trawling the many pic's of men with fit bodies and large thick cocks was; well all I can say is it took a while, having to keep stopping to satisfy my randy husbands constant erection, as he could see the look of pure pleasure on my face, while I was looking at all them awesome cocks.

One pic stood out above all the rest, and I kept going back to have another look, thinking omg, I have got to have this man!!! His body was to die for, huge muscles and a massive cock, what more could a girl ask for............

Anyway, getting down to the nitty gritty, we met on Sunday, just for a chat, (oh how wrong a girl can be) within 10 mins of meeting, I knew I was going to fuck him, just the sight of his bulging biceps, sent me all of a quiver.

I put my hand on his rock hard thigh, and saw his huge cock bulging through his jeans, needless to say, we made a quick exit to the to the hotel, (conveniently situated next to the pub I might add.)

Inside the hotel room he undressed me, in a very experienced way, god did that man know what he was doing!!! He kissed me all over till my body was screaming out for him to put his big cock inside me, his expert tongue found places I didn't even know I had, finally, when I thought I was going to burst, he thrust his cock inside me, it must have taken me all of a bout 10 seconds to cum, boy was I turned on.

I had to taste his gorgeous cock, so I let my tongue run up and down his shaft, teasing him, slowly, I could see the look of pleasure on his face and knew that he was desperately close to cumming, he took me from behind with such power and urgency that we came straight away.

After a while his cock was hard again, this time I got on top of him, wow, the sight of that body, it was pure heaven, I could hardly control myself as he played with my breasts, god it was mind blowing!!!!

His massive cock ripped into me time and again, causing me to scream out in both pleasure and pain, it was pure ecstasy.

I don't know how many orgasms I had that night, but needless to say, I was well and truly satisfied.

I would just like to say thank you to J, he has shown me what a fantastic time there is to be had, swinging.

I am certainly no longer a virgin swinger!!!!

To be continued...............