Written by Jack

9 Apr 2015

Marrying an identical twin always provided opportunities for much confusion and potential embarrassment, especially during the courting years. I first met them at a birthday party in my first term at university. To confuse the hell out of people they often wore the same outfits and on this evening they did so.

I met Claire first. She was just my type – slender brunette, dark eyes, nice smile. We talked for ages and I thought we were getting on really well. She told me she was single and she was quite flirty with me. I poured her another drink and I thought things were going swimmingly. She told me she was going to the loo but would be right back. Sure enough a few minutes later there she was ‘so, where were we?’ she asked. I carried on with the conversation we had been having and tried my best to move her on to the next stage, a kiss, hug or whatever physical contact I could get away with. But she seemed a little cooler on me. And something else was different – there under her blouse was a very fine necklace which I was sure wasn’t there when I’d talked to her earlier (I’d had a sly look down her blouse as often as possible. We chatted about this and that then after 10 minutes or so she offered to get me another drink and disappeared to the kitchen. She emerged with a couple of beers and stood by my side. ‘so, where were we?’ she asked. I moved in close and whispered into her ear – ‘you were telling me how sexy you were feeling this evening and how you were hoping we could get together’ as I did so, I took a sneak peek down her blouse – as I thought, no necklace.

‘was I?’ she asked. ‘very much so’ I said ‘and that you were hoping that your sister wouldn’t steal me from her. Or maybe it was your sister who said it? I may be confused’. ‘very good’ she said. ‘You catch on quickly – how did you work out what was going on?’ ‘quite simple’ I said ‘the first one I met gave me the impression she wanted to fuck me, the second one didn’t’. ‘and which am I?’ she asked. ‘you’re the first one’ I said with a wink, ‘am I right?’ ‘partly’ she said. ‘which part?’ I asked. ‘well between you and me’ she said conspiratorially, leaning into me ‘my sister doesn’t partake – her religion gets in the way of that’ ‘oh, so that explains the necklace’ I said ‘a cross I presume’. ‘very good’ she replied ‘I’m impressed’. ‘so I was right about the rest’ I ventured. ‘maybe’ she said as she put her arms around me and kissed me. ‘but I’m not that easy’. Turns out she was, and we ended up back at her place that night.

A couple of months later, them being a little older than me it was their 21st birthday and of course they had a joint party at a pub and yet again wore the same outfit. I had been seeing Claire quite a lot and was dead keen on her. Apart from anything else she was a fabulous fuck. Her sister continued to be single. At this party Claire was talking quite a lot to another guy who it turns out was her ex. Being quite inexperienced I wasn’t quite sure how to intervene so I left them to it but as the evening wore on they seemed to be getting more and more intimate. The party thinned out and I told Claire that I was going home. ‘No, no, go back to mine – I need to sort out things here with the landlord and Jenna (her sister) and I’ll see you there – here’s a key.’

An hour or so later I was half asleep in Claire’s bed when she returned and slipped in beside me naked. She was pulling me on top of her and we had quite an intense semi drunken fuck which seemed different to usual. When I woke she was still asleep. I woke her up with my cock and we had one of those lovely sleepy morning shags. She was still soaking wet from the night before.

I had a long lie in and when I eventually went downstairs to find that Claire’s ex had stayed on the sofa but had now left. Claire and Jenna were both in dressing gowns in the kitchen together with their other flatmate Fiona.

Several years later Claire confessed that she’d fucked her ex on the sofa that night. He’d had a huge knob and she’d found it hard to let it go but that she never saw him again after that. ‘anyway’ she said, you had company of your own that night – did you know it was Jenna and not me?’ ‘of course I did’ I replied. I knew what you were up to so I thought why not?’ ‘it was me you woke up with though’ she said. I knew that too and that I was getting her ex’s sloppy seconds (and enjoyed it).

What I didn’t tell her though that that wasn’t the last time Jenna stood in for her twin. But more of that another time…