Written by Wayne

6 Oct 2007

My wife Donna has always enjoyed shaving her pussy and I too have marvelled at the pussy she has and how tight it is despite her approaching 40.

I have always found a a nice landing strip a real turn on for a womans pussy but for some reason she has just never wanted a real porno fanny.

Sometimes she will leave it a week and it gets a nice stubble to it, then off it comes as smoothe as a baby.

Tonight I was due to go into town with the lads however it has been knocked on the head, so when I got back home thinking of a night out with the girls without me, I did not want to ruin it by saying the lads were not now going out.

As I went upstairs to get spruced up to give her the impression I was going out, I couldn't help but notice how nice she was looking clothes / hair wise etc.

She was sat on the toilet doing a number 1 whilst I brushed my teeth, but then what got me totally was when she stood to wipe herself.

I could tell she was trying to conceal herself as I brushed my teeth in the mirror, but I could clearly see the unmistakable site of her for the first time with both sides clearly shaved and a fine landing strip.

My cock has been hard ever since as I know this is not for me, and she thinks I am out all night.

I intend to hide in the garage a little later as I am sure she may be upto something and have plans for a little fun later.

I may be wrong completely but I smell a rat, and I shall inform you of my findings..............