Written by dildodo

4 Oct 2010

We had arranged for a weekend away to visit friends who is a girl who I used to work with Jane and her girlfriend who we shall call Sarah. Now I have known Jane for quite a while and have always knew that she was bi sexual and lived with a girl. Anyway we did the usual visit and chit chat on the afternoon and met for a meal and a drink on the evening.

During the meal myself and Jane catched up on old times and when Sarah went out for a ciggy Deb my wife decided to keep her company. As the night drew on we all retired from the pub with a little bit of drink inside us and some "Deb" more than others. Anyway as we were sitting there chatting the subject as usual in these situation gets around to sex. Well Deb was chatting away discussing all sorts of stuff with Jane and Sarah and I was just listening and realising what the two were doing. They were openly playing up to Deb and she not being the brightest didn't realise it.

Kissing was discussed between a woman and a man and how it compared with two women kissing and at that Sarah asked Deb if she could kiss her to which she agreed. Well I at this point was so turned on when I saw my wife kissing another woman and as they kissed Jane started to carss Debs back and shoulders. I thought that Deb would throw a fit but she just kept on kissing Sarah as if it was going out of fashion.

Jane then lowered her hands to Debs bottom and started to caress it and moved a hand around to the front of Debs dress. Deb opened her legs and was basically offering her pussy to Janes hand where she duly slid in 2 fingers. Sarah was now lifting Debs dress over her head leaving her in bra and panties. Whilst Jane was fingering her wet pussy Sarah lowered her head and sucked on Debs breasts and by now Deb was moaning out loud.

It was amazing watching the girls doing this to my wife and my cock was as hard as it gets so I decided to release it and wank myself.

All three of the women were naked now and they were licking and sucking each other and making the most mazing noises. It was clear that both of the women had decided to make a move on Deb as they concentrated more on her than each other.

When Deb started to arch her body I knew that she was about to orgasm and once she had finished she looked at me and just smiled as if to just thank me but it had nothing to do with me. The night was young and we all had a lot more sexual plans to deal with but that will be for another time.