Written by Wetndeep

2 Jan 2010

My wife Debra is an holistic therapist who works from home and for those of you asking what that is it means that she provides all sorts of treatments including massage reflexology etc. Jokingly many times I have said to her that she should give extras and she quite sternly lets me know what she thinks about it. Anyway I must tell you of the experience I had a couple of weeks ago when I returned home early to pick up some papers for work. I saw another car in the drive and realised that Debra had a client in the treatment room upstairs so I had to be quiet when entering the house. I rummaged around in my office downstairs for the required papers I needed and put them into a file and went into the kitchen for a quick drink before I had to start my journey. I stood there sipping my tea and listening to the music that Debra always plays in the background when treating clients, you know the sort oceans panpipes etc.

As I was listening I then overheard a male voice say "you can remove the towel if you want a good look" to which my thoughts were she never removes the towel as this is the only discretion a client ever has but then I heard Debs response of " mmmm now thats what I have always wanted to see". Thoughts raced through my head thinking what the hell was going on up there so I crept up the stairs to investigate. Once at the top of the stairs I could hear the sounds of kissing above the music and of Debra and this guy talking about her wanting to be fucked by this guy. I have to say that I was getting very aroused by all of this even though it angered me to think my wife was doing this. I then heard Debra say " let me just nip to the loo and we can then continue" I nipped into the spare room so that she wouldn't see me and waited there until she had returned.

When I moved out of the room I could see that she hadn't closed the door so now was my chance to see what was going on and who it was that had got my wife to be doing this. When I looked through the gap in the door I saw that the client was a guy who was around 25 years of age with a fit body and at this point was lying back on the treatment couch with my wife Debra slowly wanking his cock. Debra then said to him " close your eyes babe and relax" and at this lowered her head and began to take him into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down licking and slurping at this guys cock for all she was worth and just watching her was making my cock leak pre cum into my pants. She continued this for at least five minutes before the guy moaned out " I'm going to shoot" to which Debra folded her lips over his cock and took every shot of spunk deep into her mouth. This came as a shock to me because this is something that she has never done with me.

Once she had cleaned this guy up completely Debra turned, said to the guy " lets put this party hat on you " to which she unfolded a condom onto his cock and leant across the couch and the guy stood behind her and began to enter her from behind. He was pumping his cock frantically into her which was making Debras body move back and forth with each of his thrusts. Debra was moaning and taking all of it in her stride and obviously enjoying what was happening. At this I looked at the guy and he had a look on his face that told me he was about to cum again to which he shot his cum into my wife.

They both got dressed and then what happened next completely amazed me as the guy turned to her and said " same as usual" and handed Debra a handful of notes. Debra kissed the guy on the cheek and then showed him out of the house.

Debra went into the room to clear up and once she entered the bathroom and shut the door I crept out of the house. I am now at a loss as to what to do. Do I confront her or do I let her carry on without her knowing my secret and how much it turned me on watching her being fucked by another guy and to be honest the money would come in handy.