Written by her husband

19 Jan 2009

My wife is very attractive blonde, petite slim dd and dresses very sexy for a night out. All my mates tell me in a subtle ways how cute she is and if she was single that they would go with her. Luckily I’m not too jealous .

That said to see her taking a stranger, balls deep is a very sexy thought. To even hear about someone fucking her senseless would get me going.

After a few years of marriage before we had kids we were away from home staying at a friends . His girl was very sexy and as the girls got ready for the night we sat down stairs waiting. Three hours, a long time but well worth it, and they came down dressed to impress, both trying to out do the other. One in red leather skirt my wife in black leather skirt, Matching high heels sexy fluffy sweaters as it was winter but tight with pert boobs pushing out with wonder bras.

We went to a restaurant and then onto some pubs. In one pub we met up with an old friend of my mates girl and she invited us back to her new pad for a party, more a get together. She was hot too wearing tight leather jeans. It was the nineties leather was the fashion,,,, good times.

We took her address and set up to meet there later after closing. The next couple of hours were great, My wife let herself go and danced the night away with the other girls on the dance floor. She got chatted up a couple of times, this was getting me going and I couldn’t wait to get her back home. She had other plans. She came over to me and told me she was having a great time and want to be fucked. I said lets go to the party first and mix. so off we went.

In this girls flat there was four blokes three girls me and the wife. Couldn’t see my mate so he must have gone home to be alone. We were all sitting around just talking bollocks as you do, drinking a little more munching snacks , I noticed the girl who’s flat it was snuck off with one of the blokes. We all hushed down and heard her having , well all I can say was a bloody good time. We started talking again and sex was brought up. Looking at my wife sitting between two blokes on the sofa I noticed her getting a little friendly with one of them. On an arm chair was a bloke snogging the face off one of the girls. The bloke my wife was getting close to was called Lee and I over heard him ask her was I her husband, he saw the ring. No way she said he’s at home babysitting, and that I was just someone trying to pull her with out much luck. She then looked over to me and winked. I winked back to let her know I was fine with what she was up to.

I then spent ten minutes getting into heavy discussion and watching my wife get touched up be Lee, his hands were all over her, up her skirt in her sweater and then they started snogging. To see her there pushing her tongue into some else’s mouth was hard to watch but oh so sexy. To see her leg rise on to his lap to allow easy access was just so erotic. The others must have seen me look over a few times and thought I was just gutted after all I came with her and was hoping it was me she would get off with.

No way this was great. Then the girl who’s flat it was came back in with her bloke. She sat down on the floor but he just said that was great Ill see you again soon and left. She then stood up and walked in to the kitchen. My wife got up and followed her to the kitchen.They had a chat and both came back with some drinks. My wife shared her drink with Lee and then both got up and left the room. She left with a really cheeky sexy dirty smile on her face and everyone cheered. To see her leather covered ass trot away with another bloke to hear her high heels clip down the hallway and then the bedroom door slam shut were noises that have never left me. We all hushed down again but heard nothing so we started talking again. Five minutes later the girl whose flat it was was deep in a tongue fight with the other bloke on the sofa, the two on the armchair got up and left together, then we all hushed down to hear my wife’s dirty noises coming from the bedroom. I had to contain myself but it was very difficult. I was so hard and trying not to show it.

She kept shouting fuck me you bastard cum in me and finally it went quiet. We just sat there until they came out and then there was a round of applause and a horrid silence. Lee left, The girl who’s flat it was took her second bloke to her bedroom and then the other girl left leaving me and the wife alone on the sofa.

She was a little dishevelled messy hair and look very naughty . We heard noises come from the bedroom once again and that set us off. My wife pushed me to the floor and lifted her skirt. She threw her legs in the air and pulled my head to her messy spunk filled cunt. Eat it you bastard. I started to eat . When she was clean she begged me to claim back what was mine and mark my territory by fucking her senseless and putting my cum up her. As I stood up and got my cock out she was just laying there with her skirt pulled round her waist, tits out sexy face and well used cunt dying for another fucking. We fucked hard and came quickly, too bloody quickly, it was the best sex ever till that point. There have been other sexy times too but see if you like this first.