Written by kimber

23 Oct 2013

That night was spent having another moral discussion about marriage, faithfulness and sex. Despite both of us being aware of what might happen with Phil we still had doubts. M described feeling guilty and somewhat ashamed that she had allowed Phil to touch her and that if it were not for that customer he would have screwed her. I told her she should not feel like this as I was aware of what was happening and had encourage it. Still she was unsure but then she described the excitement, the tension, the pleasure and the lust, just at the thought of Phil being aroused by her. I was sure I could handle it if things went further but M was unsure. The emotional upheaval was too much for her she said. I wanted her to or so I thought at the time but wasn't going to push her. Anyway as time past it appeared neither of us would have to deal with it.

M went to work as normal the following day. There was the obvious innuendo conversation about what had happened, a lot of flirting and touching. But nothing happened sexually. And so it was for several weeks after as Phil was busier and busier with work he was rarely in the shop. The work load increased so much that Phil employed a second electrician, Mark. M described Mark as an overweight man in his early sixties. He was very rude and crude. She found his innuendo remarks offensive. He would walk in to the shop and without so much as a hello say something like ' What a miserable fucking day. Get yer tits out and cheer me up, love'. M hated that sort of behaviour. As Mark was ever present the chance of anything further happening with Phil diminished. Even the flirting stopped as M felt uncomfortable with Mark there. M resigned herself that things would go no further despite Phil whispering in her ear occasionally that he still wanted her. The sexy underwear also stopped due to the presence of Mark. M was also worried that Mark had guessed that there was something between her and Phil or that Phil had actually told Mark what had gone on. Phil and Mark were old work colleagues and good friends.

One day M heard them laughing and giggling together in the Kitchenette. She asked them what the joke was. Initially neither would answer instead just looking at each other, laughing and making suggestions, 'I can't believe that happened' said Mark, 'Neither can I' replied Phil. 'She was a go'er all right' said Mark. 'Come on what are you on about?' demanded M. For some reason believing Phil's joy was something to do with sex, or more precisely someone. Jealousy emerged and she found herself getting more and more demanding of an answer. Eventually Mark spluttered ' Mrs Kent, you know the outside lighting job, she's up for it'. ' And how do you know that?' insisted M. 'Cause when he was up the ladder by her bedroom window she was naked on the bed. Claimed later it were an accident. No way, it was a come on. Phil you're in there mate. I would' said Mark. With that he left. M then found herself questioning Phil. How old is she? Is she pretty? Did anything happen? Is he going there again? She was actually jealous. Phil clearly realised this and took M in his arms reassuring her nothing had or would happen and that he still wanted her.

When M got home and told me of this she couldn't believe how stupid she must have sounded. He wasn't her husband so why should she care if was having fun elsewhere. Anyway he was married. I couldn't believe this revelation. I had no idea. I'm sure I had asked before and M had said he wasn't. But no, he was married, had been for 35 years. Not that it mattered. What M told me next was the real shocker. Phil had suggested that he take her out one evening. As M said 'a bit of fun at work seems ok but an actual date?'. She wasn't sure. I was. I had thought about little else since our previous discussion. I had decided I wanted M to fuck this man then come home and tell me all about it. I told her this and revealed that I would gladly be present to watch. 'No way' she said 'Hi Phil, yes I'm going to fuck you but hubby's going to watch and mark you out of ten'. I tried to explain it wouldn't be like that. M was laughing 'No you want a threesome and I've told you before that ain't going to happen'. This was a fantasy we had discussed but although M said the thought excited her the fear of two men losing control and reverting to animal instincts and pack mentality whilst doing her scared her.

Over the next few days the question of whether M should go out with Phil was discussed several times. Finally M believed as did I that our love was strong enough and sex was just pleasure. Do you have to love someone to have sex? It's a basic instinct surely? M agreed to the evening out knowing full well what would happen. Phil had no idea I knew what was going on. M had told him she had told me she was out after work with an old girl friend. That morning M dressed for work but also packed a small holdall. 'Clothes to go out in tonight' she explained when I asked. Whilst she got her car out of the garage I looked in the bag. Black knee length skirt, flower patterned blouse, black bra and knickers with red lace, black suspender belt, black seamed stockings, a new pair still in their cardboard sleeve and black and white high heels. I was hard just looking. ' Are you sure about this?' she asked. 'I am if you are' I replied. She smiled and left for work.

Mark had gone home. The shop was closed. M got dressed in the kitchenette before Phil got back. Wow! was his only comment when he saw her. M left her car at the shop and the two set off for a country pub in Phil's car. All the way there his left hand kept moving to M's knee sliding up and touching her suspender. Wait till later he was told. Once at the pub, which also served meals, the pair had dinner. The air was full of sexual tension as was the conversation. M couldn't believe how forthright Phil was. He openly questioned her about her sexual needs and desires. Did she give blow jobs? What's her favourite position? Where's the most exciting place she'd had sex and where would she like to have sex? Ever watched porn? Been to a sex club? Had a threesome? Wanted sex with a woman? Gangbang? Anul? He even asked her what I did do her and asked for a description of the last time we had done it. M found herself honestly answering these questions (except the description of our last sex as it revolved around him). She found it natural to do so, something she couldn't do with me. She was totally relaxed. She also quizzed him. He had done it all or so he claimed. He described his wife as having been a total slut during their marriage having had numerous affairs, one with another woman. As he spoke M sensed a air of self pity in his voice that his wife had betrayed him but just as she thought 'hypocrite' he laughed and said 'And I've been just as bad, although no men'. Phil admitted to having numerous women.

With the meal finished they set off and on entering a quiet country lane Phil pulled into a gateway. The lights and engine extinguished Phil lent over and took M in his arms and the pair kissed passionately. Phil's hand then moved to M's knee and slowly, slowly it moved ever upwards, moving her skirt to first reveal her stocking tops, then on further so that his fingertips touched her sex through her knickers. This process took what seemed like an age to M. Unlike the events in the shop she had no hesitation. As his hand had moved on to her leg and round towards her inner thigh her legs had responded naturally by opening slightly wanting what was happening. Phil's hand moved back and forth over her knickers stroking her sex. Her knickers were damp and Phil commented on it. Then his fingers entered her knicker waistband and slowly sank down. Her legs spread more as he finally touch her. One then two fingers entered her. Phil finger fucked her as he undid his trouser belt with his other hand. M's hand reached over and searched. She found a huge erection and began to move her hand up and down it's shaft. It was larger then she thought. The kissing interspersed with heavy breathing, no panting, intensified until the two lost control. Phil stopped fingering her and used both hands to pull her knickers down and off. M moved her bum upwards to allow this. Things were frantic and within moments phil was on top of her. His belt buckle stung her leg. He pushed his trousers further down. His erection was at the top of M's thighs pushing the flesh open. M wiggled a little to find a better position for her legs. Suddenly Phil was in her. The huge head of his penis almost ripping M open. Then he began to thrust. M let out a squeal. 'You OK?' he asked. 'Oh yes' was her reply. He thrust harder and deeper. M described her first orgasm as coming after about half a dozen thrusts (something I could not achieve) and a second being not long after. Phil was grunting and pounding her like a man possessed. With each thrust his erection felt bigger tearing at her inner pleasure. Suddenly his back arched and M felt a warmth within her. At that moment she realised Phil had not used any protection. His seed was filling her. A moments horror turned to ecstasy as he gave one last ever deeper thrust into her, the pleasure overtaking everything for both of them.

Phil clambered back into the drivers seat. Being in the confined space of a car was hardly elegant or comfortable for either of them. As M told me of the events she commented on our last car sex sessions which ended, out of necessity, with her bent over the bonnet. The pair sat, cuddled and talked for some time after. Phil's hand wandered back seeking M's pussy on more than one occasion but she was genuinely sore from his earlier attention. M raised the question of protection. Phil apologised and said next time he would bring some. He hadn't really thought it through, I thought, could have been a deal breaker. M admitted she carried some in her handbag but the moment had overcome her too. Phil jested with her about carrying condoms with her and she had to admit she had done since starting work for him. He felt this was complement.

As M told me of the nights events when she got home one of the first things she advised was that intercourse with me was off as she was so sore. We lay on our bed as she revealed what Phil had done with her. My erection was obvious and after she released it from my underwear M slowly masterbated me as she told her story. Initially I was horrified that Phil had cum in her but actually it only served to make me harder. The final revelation was too much. Phil had suggested they book a hotel in the future so they could really get to know one another (as if he didn't already know M well enough). With that I pushed M back and tried to enter her, she resisted, her legs clamped shut. I persisted and finally M relented and I entered her. There was no return from her. She lay, legs spread and I pounded her. 'Hurry up, do what you need' were her only words. I came in seconds. The feeling of my wife's used pussy was too much.

What happens later is for another chapter.