7 Sep 2010

Hello everybody i would like to explain about this posting, i had written all of it but the beginning was not uploaded for some reason. So i have added the begining and hopefuly this time it will all be there.

I am a married woman of 44 years old and this expiepence dates back to when i was 24 years old. We had two children who were now toddlers so hubby looked after them while i had a night out with the girls once a week. There were five of us who used to go to the local pubs.

We had been going out for months when one night i noticed Sue looking at a man stood at the bar, he was around 60 years old. I asked sue who he was and she said it was a friend of her husbands from the pool team. Well when it came to closing time Sue asked if we would all like to go back to her for a night cap.

We all went back with Sue to her house and when we got there her husband was still up. Right love he said i am off to bed. Night girls dont drink to much and off he went. We had been drinking when there was a tap on the window, Sue answered the door and it was the her husbands friend from the pub.

Sue intoduced as ralph and he sat down with us drinking and chatting in general. Then somehowe the conversation got turned round to sex. Sue then asked Ralp to stand up and as he did she went over to him and started kissing full on the mouth. We all sat there there open mouthed as she pulled the zip down on his jeans and pulled out his cock. Then in front of our eyes they were both naked on the floor with Sue wanking his cock.

I could hardly believe that this was happening with her husband asleep up stairs she was perfoming a sexual act in front of us. It was like an orgy happening right front of our eyes, by this time Ralph had his cock buired deep in to Sue,s pussy. By this time both Pamela and Vicky had stripped off and were on the floor it was just a mingle of bodys.

It was at this point that Emma and I decied to leave and go home and it was now 2 oclock in the morning. When I got in hubby stirred a little as I got into bed, and as i cuddled him he woke up. He looked at the clock and your late tonight darling, were have you been till now.

As you can imagine after seeing what had just taken place I was soaking wet and horny as hell. Hubby duly obliged and climed on top of me and began to fuck me, I was so high that I was shouting at him harder, harder fuck me yes, harder oohh come on fuck me, he was ramming me for all he was worth. I came with a massive orgasm which did not really subside.

I was still high and wanted more, even after he shot his sperm into me I still wanted more. We fucked six times that night before falling asleep, when we woke up he asked what the hell got into you last night. I told him that it was just the gils talking about sex. well he said talk about it again next week, i like it.

The next week we all went out, and I asked Sue how could she fuck her husbands friend in front of us all, and under your own roof. Well she said you have seen the size of his cock, and he knows how to use it. And I bet if you are truthful would all like to sample it, just like we have have.

I got up to go to the toilet and I must admit my pussy was wet and I slipped two finger inside my pussy. This is something I had never done before but I was turned on at the thought Sue fucking Ralph. But I am a happily married women and have never thought of cheating on my husband.

I cleaned myself up and as I came out of the toilet Ralph was stood there, and said so your the shy one then. What I said and with that he grabbed and puuled me close to him and kissed me full on the lips. I just stood there transfixed to the spot I did not protest yet I did not embrace it either.

Then he let me go and said to me one day shy one, one day, I retuned to the girls and they said where have you been. To the toilet ho yeh all this time, and what have you been up to, nothing I stamered nothing.

After the pub closed Pamala and Vicky went back with Sus to her house and i went home to my husband. This time he was waiting up for me and as I walked through the front door he forcefuly pushed me against the wall, and his hand went straight up my skirt. He was being dominat andhe was rubbing my pussy through my knickers and I was sopping wet.

Been talking about sex again have you, yes a I replied you litle bitch it makeS horny, Nnow I am going to give you a dam good fucking. So once again we fucked like crazy this time it was three times before going to bed. This hard sex carried on for week after week, then i was taken compleatly by surpise and became unfaithful.