Written by Databoy

7 Jun 2017

my wife Deb and I had been going through a rough patch and had not been speaking properly for a while. this was all due to her believing that I had seen someone else behind her back which wasn't in fact true but she wasn't having any of it. Anyway all arguments ended with her keep stating that she was going to do the same to which in the end I just shouted out at her "well fucking please yourself". A few days past and I was out at a meeting and expected to be back late due to the distance I had to travel but in the end the meeting finished early and I got a jump on the traffic. I made my way home and pulled into the street and noticed that there were 2 cars blocking my drive so I pulled in further up the street and walked along to my house. As I walked up the drive I noticed that the blinds in our bedroom were closed which was strange but I took no notice and let myself in the door. Once inside I heard voices straight away coming from upstairs and decided to listen at the bottom of the stairs. I could hear male voices and at first thought we had been broken into but then heard my wife Debra's voice say "come round this side so I can see you better". I thought shit she has actually taken me serious and decided to take revenge on me for something that had never happened.

I just stood there and listened and could hear giggling and then kissing and movement of the bed springs as I realised that they were going the whole way with each other. I crept up the stairs and once at the top I looked across the hall and could see the mirror reflection which showed Deb knelt on the bed and one guy was mounted in her from behind and the other one was feeding her his cock into her mouth which she greedily sucked on. The guy was pumping away into her and her body was rocking back and forth on the bed making her take more and more of the other guys cock into her mouth. At this point I was in shock really and did the weirdest thing by taking out my phone and clicking on the camera to take a picture.

This action continued for a few minutes when the guy fucking her from behind shouted that he was about to cum and Deb said "shoot into me I want your cum in me" and at that the guy unleashed a spurt after spurt of cum as he groaned into her. Deb gave a bit of a moan as she looked at the other guy and he groaned as he shot cum into her mouth which she swallowed. All three of them collapsed onto the bed and were chatting and I heard Deb say "that will teach him to cheat on me and he will never know about it".

I crept back down the stairs and out of the house and went for a drive to clear my head and got back an couple of hours later and went back into the house. Debra was now sitting in the lounge and I said to her "can we sort things out now" and she said "I am sorry that I was so jealous and didn't believe you". I discussed things with her and decided to call her bluff and asked "you wouldn't have done anything with anyone else would you" to which she replied "of course not".

The next day I went off to work as normal and once out of the street I stopped and sent the picture that I had taken to her and added the caption " I know everything"

we still have to sort things out but seeing her and writing on here about it has made me feel so erotic and I get off at looking at her being used by the guys when I see the picture.