Written by Jim

21 Nov 2013

I have been chatting on line to a few guys and end up speaking about my wife and how sexy she looks and love it when they ask what she looks like I end up telling them she has a nice body and great tits and they always end up asking if i have any photos of her I tell tem yes i have a lot they ask for me to show some of her to see what her figure looks like.

I start showing ones of her fully dressed they tell me how nice she looks and how lucky i am for her to let me take photos of her looking so sexy I tell them she lets me take them then tell me to get rid of them so no one sees them they always ask so you dont have any that show her tits off a bit better I tell them all the other ones are to rude to show on line and she would go mad if she knew I had kept all the ravealing photo's she let me take.

Some of them ask if they could just see one that shows a bit more of her and i always end up showing one more with her lifting her top and showing her bra they tell me it makes them horny looking at her and that make me horny knowing i am showing my wife off to them and show a few more of her with her top of and standing in her bra we end up speaking about what I like her to wear under her skirt and if i have any showing her panties I get convinced to look more out ones that show her lifting her skirt up to show her pants I love when they say they can just about see her pussy and do i have any with her top and skirt off

I always end up showing them ones of her like that posing and in different sets I am so horny by this time I end up with the ones that are see through and they can see her nipples and pussy but not to clear, we end up chatting about what they would do if she was their wife and it was good of me to show her like that and she was a horny looking wife and does she let you take any of her naked Knowing fine well i have some like that a few of them ask me to send her photos to them so they can look at her lots and if we had let anyone join us for fun I tell them I would love it if she would let someone join us but it has never happened.

I have wanted for someone to come along and catch me taking photos of her just as i get naked and see what she would do but it has never happened yet, thats when they aske to see some photo's of her naked I show some of just her tits but I have shown only a few guys up to now ones of her naked and posing showing everything legs open the lot When i here what they say about her body they convice me to sent a cpl off the them to cum over and have sent them back to me showing them shooting their load on her photo it is always the one with her laying with her legs wide open i love it all the chat about her and what she looks like is makes me so horny my wish is i get her to let someone cum on her for real.