Written by sillybillywilly

18 Jan 2013

I have been waiting for the right time to tell the wife I had seen her getting fucked by a young lad in our kitchen after a wedding we had been to.The whole experience had been a massive turn on for me and she had obviously enjoyed the experience herself,as far as I'm aware she has no idea I saw what went on.

We did have a one off random session with a guy a couple of years ago and we both said after that it was great at the time but it would be highly unlikely it would happen again.

I have spoken to her on a couple of occasions when she has had a couple of glasses of wine about us having a 3 some with another bloke,the answer is always the same its not going to happen it was a 1 off.

I have got this picture in my head of us both with another bloke we have met at a pre arranged hotel ,like before we have had a great day out had a meal and I have made plans for this guy to meet us in the bar with the intention of us going to the room and having mind blowing sex all night.

The image I cant get out of my head is me on the bed with the wife on top in the 69 position,her arse is at the end of the bed and the guy is screwing her from behind.

He is buried deep inside her while I'm lapping at her pussy his balls are slapping against my head and face and I cant avoid occasionally licking on his balls,He has no objection to this and we are all enjoying the whole thing.

The guy comes but pulls out a pumps his seed over my face and her throbbing pussy as she also has a body shaking orgasm.We spend the rest of the night fucking and sucking in every position possible.

I would have no objection to him sucking and licking me and me returning the same,I would never dream of doing this to a guy on my own but in the presence of my wife the woul be a big turn on for me.

What I'm trying to say is am I likely to find someone who would be willing to full-fill this fantasy for me and go along with the whole thing.

I'm going to pluck up the courage soon to tell the wife what I had seen and her ask if she is up for what I think will be the ultimate sexually experience for us so far.

Do I tell her what I want or just hope that it will happen sometime,heres hoping.

Your comments and advice would be appreciated.