Written by Barry & Trudi

22 Nov 2017

I’m Barry, I’m 56 and married to Trudi who’s 45. We have a great marriage but as most people have had our issues one of which was this annoying doubt in my head that she was seeing someone else.

There were no hard clues just doubts on my head. Our sex life dwindled to next to nothing and she would tell me that she was unhappy and that we needed to do something ‘exciting’. She told me about her friend who had involved another man in the bedroom and how this had saved the marriage. I asked her if that was what she wanted and she said she didn’t know.

I thought then that she was hinting that she was having an affair. It would have been easy for her to find someone, she’s tall, attractive have long amazing legs and a great body complete with nice sized breasts and even after 15 years of marriage I still fancied her like mad and I was gutted that she may have found someone else. I asked her straight if she was seeing someone else and she admitted that she had a ‘friend’ but that nothing had happened.

This went on for a few weeks ad Trudi was going out more and more and it was driving me mad, the thought that another guy had his cock in my wife was getting unbearable and in the end, I told her that enough was enough. She was really upset and told me that she loved me and didn’t want anything to affect our marriage but that she needed her ‘friend’ then said that she’s like us to meet. I asked her if they were fucking and she broke down and said it was just sex and nothing more. I went for a walk to get my head around it and when I came back she said I would understand when we all got together. Fuck understanding, I wanted to punch his lights out but agreed to meet for Trudi’s sake. It was arranged for the Saturday, I went out for the afternoon and came back about 15 min before he was due to arrive. Trudi was wearing a dress I had bought her for her birthday, a black body hugging dress that left nothing to the imagination and I was mad that this was for his benefit and I told her but she said I was understand and that I had nothing to worry about.

Then there was a knock on the door, Trudi asked me to stay calm and not make a scene so I promised. I had been trying to imagine what he would be like, I expected a young athletic good-looking guy but instead in walked a plain looking, skinny girl with worn jeans and a nose ring and very short hair. I was so fucking confused, maybe she was just a friend but then why would Trudi tell me it was just sex if her friend was a woman, one thing Trudi’s is a lesbian.

We had coffee and chatted about stuff, Trudi and her ‘friend’ sat next to each other on the sofa and I sat the other side of the coffee table on a chair and even that pissed me off. This girl had real attitude, it was as though I was in the way & I was going to say something but before she brought the coffee in Trudi had begged me to not do anything no matter what happened and to accept it for her and to be honest, I lobe her so much I agreed.

I asked them how long they had been ‘friends’, Trudi told me it was just under a year and I was shocked it was so long then her ‘friend’ shook her head, I asked her what the problem was and Trudi looked at me and reminded me that I had promised her I would be ok. Her friend who apparently likes to be called Toni sat up and said ‘ look man, you’re a really nice guy and all that & it would be great if you’re ok with this but I’m fucking your wife’. She was only telling me what I already know. She went on to say ‘ She’s your Mrs but she’s my best mate and fuck buddy so are we cool or what’.

I didn’t say anything, I just sat there. Then ‘Toni’ said that she was happy to share when turned to Trudi and kissed her on the mouth, Trudi responded and tongues touched until it became quite passionate. It was as though Trudi remembered I Was there and pulled back giving me a nervous glance. Then Toni puts her hands on my wife’s shoulders and pulls her dress down to her waist exposing Trudi’s breasts. Toni plays with Trudi’s nipples, teasing them between her thumb and finger before putting her mouth over one and starting to suck. Trudi Looked at me and mouthed that she was sorry, I shrugged my shoulders and she mouthed ‘thank you’ and all the while Toni was making a meal of my wife’s breasts.

Then Toni takes her top off to reveal tiny tits with hard bright red nipples. She kneels next to my wife and presses one into Trudi’s mouth and she accepts it more eagerly that I would have liked.

The two of them went into their own world and I sat and watched. Trudi’s dress was dragged off her and she was pushed onto her back, naked. By now Toni had stepped out of her jeans, I found her body surprisingly hot, tight ass, shaved pussy and her small tits with long red nipples. I watched her go down on my wife and listened as Trudi moaned and whimpered squeezing her own much larger breasts whilst thrusting her pussy into Toni’s mouth. I will admit that my apprehensions where still there but had faded a little and I was hard as nails especially when Toni slides up my wife and they start grinding pussy against pussy, Toni’s tits barely wobbling but Trudi’s bouncing and they grunted and whined groaned. Toni rode my wife grabbing and holding onto her breasts whilst Trudi grabbed Toni’s small titties and squeezed hard. The two of them fucking and grinding until Trudi remembered I was there again. She looked over at me and I thought she was going to cry but she said something to her new lover who looked at me and asked ‘ Are you hard yet?’ ‘ fucking get it out, you can fuck her with me if you want’. The fact that this girl was giving me permission to fuck my own wife went over my head until I thought about it much later. I took my clothes off and walked to the settee, Toni shuffled up Trudi’s body stopping just long enough to rub Trudi’s left breast and nipple into her cunt before slowly lowering herself onto my wife’s mouth and as my wife ate pussy I slipped my cock into her and fucked her hard.

Toni got off, turned round and put her pussy on my wife’s mouth so Trudi could eat her pussy again and now face to face Toni smiled at me. The sight of her tiny tits wobbling as she grinded her pussy into my wifes face as hot and she knew it. Toni leaned forward and took hold of my head and I sucked her tits. This nearly made me cum but I was thinking of work and bills and things just to stop me shooting my load.

Trudi was still groaning and grunting but Toni pulled her pussy away and told us to ‘wait a second’ I stopped fucking Trudi but kept my cock in her, I was knackered, then Toni said that she loved pussy but didn’t mind a cock now and again. She stepped off my wife and I slipped out then she pulled her up and lay on her back in her place and told me to fuck her, her exact words were ‘ put your cock in there ( pointing to her pussy) and make me cum. I didn’t aske Trudi’s permission, I just slid in to her girlfriend and fucking banged her hard but I couldn’t last more than a few minutes and I warned her that I was going to cum. She went nuts and told me not to dare fucking cuming in inside her and ‘ that’s what your fucking wife is for’. I slid out, turned round and managed to get inside Trudi before I shot my load. My wife didn’t react and as soon as I pulled out and stood up the two of them started to grind cunts.

In seconds there was groaning and crying as the two of them climaxed before laying on top of each other kissing and touching. I went to the loo and cleaned my dick before getting dressed, the two of them sat there naked before I went to make coffee. When I came back they had dressed, Toni told me that it was ‘fucking great man’ then drank my coffee with her and my wife arm in arm, then she left.

Trudi and I fucked again that evening and now there are three in our marriage. Sometimes Toni stays over and I’ll find her bouncing between my wife’s legs, I’ve even found her wearing a dildo fucking Trudi like a man but I get my share of the two of them and when Toni found out I had had a vasectomy she even allows me to unload my cum into her now and again.

The last time she was round she informed us that we needed to ‘up the game’ whatever the fuck that means, we’ll find out at the weekend I guess.