Written by Star45

27 Jun 2008

This is a story from my wife, stacey's past, we've been married ten years and it's only been over the last 12 months that she's told me this story. I'll start by telling you how i found out and what made her tell me after so long keeping it a secret. She'd been nagging me to clear some cupboards out of the spare room to make way for us to store some clothes from our overfilled wardrobes in our bedroom, It's a job i'd been putting off for months and one saturday afternoon she was in town shopping and i was bored so i made a start, most of the stuff had been there since we moved in ten years ago and most of it was junk that was just boxed up and moved from our parents houses. I decided to be quite ruthless and chucked just about everything of mine out so it took me no time at all. As seen as things had gone easy i decided to make a start on stacey's stuff, again it was mainly junk, old school books that you keep for no apparent reason and old clothes and shoes. As i worked through it i put aside anything i thought she may want and piled the rest in the trailer, while checking through it all i came across a shoe box, so i opened it to make sure it wasn't a pair she'd want, the box didn't have shoes in but instead a pair of knickers some old bank statements and a photograph. This is where it all started, the photo was an old polaroid of stacey from her younger days, she looked similar to the age when i met her. I recognised the surroundings as her parents bedroom, she was laid on the bed in black stockings, basque and showing off her dark hairy bush, i immediately had to wank over the picture, she looked hot. I wasn't quite sure how to mention it to her as i was 99% sure it was taken before i knew her. cut a long story short i decided to play it by ear. When she came home she was pleased with me for sorting the stuff out and didn't bat an eyelid that i'd done her stuff as well. As usual on a saturday night we ordered a takeaway and had a few bottles of wine and some beers, stacey usually has a bath while i go for the takeway and it's usually the start of a relaxing evening which more often than not ends with some hot fucking. As the night progressed i engineered the conversation around to our pasts and previous partners, it was something we'd discussed before and if i'm honest it turned me on hearing the things she'd done with other guys. As we chatted my fingers gently rubbed her clit as she laid against me, i then told her i'd seen the picture she had upstairs, she acted innocent and said she didn't know what i was talking about, itold her to hang on and slipped upstairs and brought the photo down. When i showed her it she just said "oh, that one", i said it looked sexy and asked her who'd taken it, she was very reluctant but i reassured her i was fine with it and she started by telling me it was taken before we met which i'd already suspected, i was now getting desperate to find out who'd taken it and probed her again, her reply knocked me for six, she told me it had been taken by her fathers mate, Arthur. I was gobsmacked and just replied "wow", i asked her when,how, what happened? the rest of the story has taken me nye on 12 months to weedle out of her and piece together during sex sessions and sex talk.

Stacey was 19 and had just come out of quite a restrictive long term relationship with an overly dominant partner, she was going through what she often calls her "mad year" were she really let her hair down and enjoyed herself. Her parents had gone on a 2 week holiday in their caravan and stacey loved having the house to herself and some privacy and basically able to do as she pleased. She knew her father had a small collection of porn films and decided to take a look, she'd not watched anything like this since being a teenager and admitted to masterbating while watching them. After 2 or 3 days she'd got up and was lounging around in her dressing gown on a saturday morning, she'd been planning to take a bath and go out for a few drinks later on and hopefully find someone to maybe bring back for a fuck. She was relaxing on the settee when the doorbell rang, she went to answer it and it was Arthur, he'd come to borrow something from her dads garage and she gave him the key and off he went, Arthur is a similar age to her father and at the time will have been mid fifties. When he came back from the garage and handed her the key back she invited him in for a coffee, this was perfectly normal as she'd known him for years and had always got on well with him and his family. He declined and said it looked as if she was about to have a bath, she said she was but he could still have a coffee, he said "let me soap your back and it's a deal" they both just laughed and off he went. She said she felt a bit of a spark as he walked away, he had been suggestive with her before but nothing remotely heavy. She carried on as planned and as she bathed she raised a smile thinking about Arthur soaping her up, she was hot and her pussy was wet as she ran a finger up and down her slit, she was laid back in the warm water,eyes closed imaging him soaping her tits and nipples and making his cock stand out in his overalls. She stopped short of cumming as she wanted to save herself for later and hopefully a big cock. cut it short her doubt out was a disaster, a girlfriend had bumped into an ex and they'd had a big bust up and she ended up taking her friend home in a cab and was back at her parents by 10.30 alone. She was pissed off and went straight to bed. She woke early on the sunday and made some breakfast, she still felt horny and decided to go to shops and get some milk and papers and spend the day lounging again and watch some of her dads films and have a nice cum. After she'd returned from the shops she put her shopping away and went through to the lounge and put one of the films on, the video she was watching was showing 2 guys and a girl fucking, nothing hardcore but she said she was turned on and rubbing her fanny through her knickers with her skirt around her waist. she glanced out of the window to see Arthurs car pulling onto the driveway, she partly cursed at being interupted and straightened herself up and answered the door, as she opened the door arthur said" oh, i was you'd still be in your dressing gown, i liked seeing you in that" she laughed and gave him the key to return the tool to her dads garage, as he turned his back she had a quick thought, before she could think twice she was upstairs and putting her dressing gown on. She could hear him in the kitchen shouting "any chance of that coffee i turned down yesterday" as she entered the kitchen she just said "is that better" he said " yes,for now", she carried on making a coffee but the atmosphere was totallt different, not a lot was said but she could feel his eyes following her around the kitchen, as she stepped in front of him to put a coaster on the table he took hold of the dressing gown tie and pulled the slip knot as the gown fell open revealing her tits and hairy bush. He said "thats even better now" she just carried on as she was with the gown open and the situation was really getting to her, she could feel her heart beating out of her chest and her pussy was warm and moist. she finished making the coffee and turned to put it on the table, Arthur had undone every button down the front of his overalls and his chest and cock were exposed, he said "it's only fair we both dress the same" as she put the cup on the table he took her hand and placed it on his cock, he was already hard and every bit of sexual energy she had built up over the last 24 hours shot to the surface and she dropped to her knees and sucked arthurs cock, "not in here" he said and led her through to the lounge. She lead him to a chair but he said "no,this one" and sat in her fathers chair, she sucked his cock then he laid her on the carpet and fucked her through 2 orgasms, she said his cock wasn't exactly massive but nice and thick, she told me she whispered "thats it fill me with it" as he shot his cum into her. She said as they laid on the floor he started to get dressed and said they shouldn't really have done that, stacey said she just agreed with him but didn't regret any of it as she'd really enjoyed the fucking, it was the first time she'd fucked an older guy and went on to do a few more over the next few months. As Arthur left he gave her a quick peck on the cheek and went with very few words spoken at all. Stacey ran a bath and laid there reliving it in her head, she still felt turned on and masterbated in the bath thinking about what they'd done. The next few days were uneventful, she didn't masterbate for a few days and spent the time shopping and cleaning. After she had tea and was getting ready to watch tv for the evening the door bell went, she opened the door to Arthur, he asked if he could come in, as she walked him through to the living room she asked what he wanted, he said " a repeat of sunday" she told him she was hoping he'd say that, he told her "in here" and gestured to her parents bedroom door, She did as he asked and he told her to strip off and lay on the bed, he asked what lingerie she had and she said non, he asked her which drawer her mother kept hers, she showed him and he selected something for her to wear, that was when the picture was taken that i found. She said he took about five pictures of her in different poses and she sucked his cock, when he was ready he fucked her from behind on her parents bed while she had her mothers lingerie on, he was making her tell him how good it was and she said he really got off on hearing her talk dirty and her doing whatever he asked. After he'd spunked inside her again he just zipped up and left, he asked her if she wanted him to come back and she said yes please. Thats the main part of the story and much of the detail is similar over his next few visits, I could go on forever but to cut a long story short he called round almost everyday for the remainder of her parents holiday, sometimes twice a day and fucked her in every room of the house, he even got her to masterbate in her fathers garage using a hammer shaft as a dildo. He loved to control her and she loved letting him as she said it didn't seem as rude if he was suggesting it and she was just going along with it. He loved fucking her in her mothers underwear and once as he fucked her in it told her this is how he'd like to fuck her mother, after some pressure from me she admitted this had made her cum almost instantly. The fucking stopped as soon as her parents returned as they deemed it too risky. as soon as they went away again for the weekend a month or so later he was straight round and carried on exactly where they'd left off. He eventually spoilt it by telling one of his friends and tried to get stacey to fuck them both, she wasn't interested and he wouldn't take no for an answer so she told him that was the end. He has fucked her once since then but thats a totally seperate story, she enjoyed the encounters and learn't a lot sexually from him. We still see him at her parents but he has no idea i know his secret and it turns me on loads thinking off him fucking her and making her do things she'd never even dreamt of.