Written by william

26 Mar 2012

This carries on from 2nd March though whilst i could tell about the next guy to bring her back it was just a punter and a fuck. I'd dropped her back off on the road and returned to the hotel to have a drink with the night porter, again as we chatted we both looked at my phone as it sat on the table. when it went off I answered it put it on speaker and we listened. We heard her get in and the car door close. Whooever it was they had music on so I couldn't hear much but shortly lights turned into the car park and parked up. Out stepped julie. Shed decided after her last punter to discard her lycra shorts and was stood in the doorway in her very short pvc mini, suspenders and fishnets showing below her mini and her tits already hanging out of the top. The cold had already got to her nipples and they were like bullets but even more surprisingly two men emerged from the car walked over to her and entered with her.

At first I didnt know what to do or say as we hadn't discussed this eventuality. She turned calmly to them and said pay him pointing to me and as I said in the car he comes in when i have more than one to see its ok but doesn't get involved unless he has to. One of the guys waked over and handed me a wedge of notes. I counted it trying to look as though it was normal for me - over £150. "Take her upstairs then" I said I'll be along when ive finished the drink. She was obviously comfortable with them so I felt I should look like the nochalent guy used to this especially as she'd virtually placed me in the part of her protective muscle. I finished my drink quickly left my phone on the desk for the porter to listen in and went up.

As i got to the door I could hear sound and the sight that i saw when I walked in almost had me coming in my pants there and then. Julie on all fours on the bed still dressed except for her fishnets that were stuffed into her mouth a dildo in her ass and pussy and a guy on each tit sucking on it like there was no tomorrow and each slapping her ass as they did. She was issuing muffled squeals with each slap and wriggling like a worm cut in two. Her eyes showed her obvious excitement at this use so i took a seat in the corner and watched. The guys wernt put off by me there at all.

After a while they stopped stood up and told julie to get up and undress them. Julie stood up tits hanging out pussy visible as her mini had ridden up suspenders limply hanging down with no stockings to hold up. She took the fishnets out of her mouth and threw them to the floor and began undressing the guys. First one in his mid 20s blonde hair muscled frame looked like a gym guy removing his jeans reveled silk boxers behind which as they were drawn down was a shaven cock and balls. His cock was rock hard standing curved slightly upward and his ball sac tight as Julie turned to undress the other he slid his hand between her legs and i saw his fingers slide past her pussy and Julie shudder as presumably, and in fact did happen, he pushed his finger into her ass as I watched his thumb enter her pussy. He left them inside and I could tell he was gently moving them around inside her as she undid his shirt. Then his trousers. He stopped then and removed his hand so she could move down to lower his trousers to reveal pvc briefs enclosing his cock and balls. "Lick them clean" he said to her and i could see from her face he was very sweaty down there as she worked on his balls with her tongue as she was kneeling in front taking his cock deep into her mouth his partner played with his cock and then moved his hand between julies legs. I saw his fingers disappear into her fingers into her pussy thumb into her ass and what her once again shudder. As she did the first guy pulled her onto his cock so he was deep in her mouth. His friend was roughly fingering her holes and she was moaning. He turned to me and said "Shes been busy tonight shes making you good money" i smiled and said nothing watching trying to make it seem i didnt care.

As if by a signal both stopped and pushed her off them watching her fall to the left landing on her hands and she was told to strip. They both sat on the bed and watched as she pulled her top over her head it was then that I noticed that at some point in the night either these or her earlier men had had a wild time on her tits purple blemishes clearly visible as she stood there hands moving down to her skirt unzipping it and letting it fall to the floor. her shaven mound was clearly showing the signs of the evenings use. her lips glistening with her juice and lube superbly complementing her bruised tits she looked for all the world exactly what shed set out to look like - an older whore working the streets. "Leave the suspender belt on slut walk over here and suck us"

I watched her suspender belt straps sway as it framed her ass as she walked over got to her knees and began to take them each in turn into her mouth. I couldnt stop myself reaching inside my trousers to masturbate myself as i watched her head bobbing and moving from lap to lap. Eventually she was put on the floor on all fours the blond gym guy moving behind her and pushing hard and fast into her his friend sliding underneath her watching and raising himself so he could suck his mate and lick julies cunt together. Seeing that i came in pants a large wad. Julie dipped her head taking his cock into her mouth again. The guy behind her speeded up moaning his thrust getting faster julie being thrown forward with each thrust and eventually he stiffened grunting, Julie moaning around a mouthful of cock. Gym boy pulled out and as he did i could see his limpening cock inside the condom a load lying heavy in the end of it. he moved julie and she was laid across the bed. At this point I doubt she knew where she was she had obvioulsy enjoyed this fuck, The other guy opened her legs with no resistance she was sweating and panting. the glimpse I got of her pussy showed me an engorged red angry pussy. This second guy raised her legs high to his shoulders raising her ass and i watched him lube up his condomed cock and force it into her ass. she squealed as he went in not rough nor gentle forceful and in control forcing himself deeper gym guy her moans changed and i looked up to see gym guy emptying his condom into her mouth then using his cock to force his cum down her throat he lent over her and bit her chest more as she moved up and down the bed to the rythmn of the guy doing her anally.

I was in heaven watching her she was in heaven with this use. she was unaware of her surrounding moaning squealing choking on cum until once again a guy pulled from her moved to her mouth and poured the contents down her throat.

As she lay on the bed trying to collect her thoughts the guys lifted her between them and took her to the bathroom closing the door I cuoldnt see what was happening but julie was moaning and panting , banging the wall but she seemed in no trouble. about ten minutes later they came out shook my hand and said bye. Walking out the door without another word. I walked into the bathroom to see her sat in the shower cubicle legs open pussy wide and gaping. she looked at me through eyes with dilated pupils saying breathlessly how used and fucked she was. She panted to me that shed had her first fisting and it was only fair i put my hand in her. I bent down moved to her and saw the tell tale yellow pool on the floor of the shower and as i slid first a couple of fingers and eventually my whole hand up her i thought to myself she was so out of it she hasnt even realised how they finished with her. A fact she later confirmed.I sat cuddling her with my hand deep inside her and kissed her deeply tasting her nights work and loving her more and more. She smelt of sex sweat and urine but it was a wonderful smell. We called it a night and went home to a clean shower and clean comfortable bed and she slept a wonderful sleep as i cuddled her. Again on reflection we both enjoyed it though she says next time she wants me to be the whore and sell my ass though im not sure. only time will tell.