Written by Brit_couple

18 Aug 2018

In a previous instalment (3 - young stud) I related the story of how my wife Sal had started an affair with a young van driver called Jason. After fucking him in the stock room of the charity shop where she works part time she told me she planned to fuck him again in our bed while I was at work.

There was quite a gap before this happened. We had embarked on regular visits to dogging sites and real life gets in the way. It was actually 9 or 10 months after their initial encounter that she fucked him again.

She had been texting him and sending pictures but as a young jack the lad he was never short of a bird. I must admit I thought possibly he had just fancied a fuck the first time with an older woman and was just jollying her along and I’m sure there was an element of that.

Then out of the blue he said it was his birthday coming up and did she have a present for him?

They arranged to meet and he came round, taking care to park his van in another street. We have very nosy neighbours.

Sal had dressed up for him in one of her many basques with a fully fashioned suspender belt, stockings and heels.

As soon as he was in the door she led him upstairs and his hands were under her dress feeling her big arse and stocking tops.

Sal had teased me she would fuck him in our bed. Jason pulled her dress off and immediately went after her tits. He was mesmerised by their size - at 44F Sal is hugely proud of them.

They got on the bed - him on my side - while they kissed and he licked and sucked her tits. She soon had his thick meaty cock out and began stroking him.

He fingered her and then just pushing her knickers to one side rammed his cock into her with her legs in the air. He would stop and tit fuck her then go back to fucking her. She told me she loved how young, fit and muscled he was. All the while she was saying he was a better lover then me, had a bigger cock than me etc.

He then pumped her doggy style over the end of the bed, he didn’t have much finesse she said but he gave her a good pounding.

After a bit of that she told him it was time for his birthday blowjob. Moving him onto his back Sal said she gave him the blowjob of his life using all her skills. He was writhing and bucking while she sucked his cock and fingered his arse. She doesn’t normally swallow but she took down five spurts of his cum that flooded her mouth.

‘Fucking hell Sal - you’ve done that before!’ He said.

‘Once or twice love!’

She made them both some tea and toast and they sat in bed, eating it hungry after sex.

‘You in a hurry Jase?’ She said.

‘I’ve got another half hour,’ he replied.

They then had a straight hard missionary fuck where he again gave her a good pounding and unloaded inside her. Afterwards they kissed and cuddled in bed before he dressed and left, giving her his trademark slap on the bum.

That night Sal gave me a long slow wank telling me every detail. My pillow smelled of him, his after shave and body spray. There were spunk stains on my side of the bed.

‘You are really cuckolded now,’ she said as I spurted all the way past my shoulder.

I had not considered myself a true cuck and still don’t really - I just love to see Sal enjoy herself. But she’d been mooning after this lad like a teenager and clearly really fancied him.

‘He’s just my type..’ she said, ‘I like him, it’s not just fucking love...that make you jealous?’

It still does and I love it. I know I can’t satisfy Sal sexually but we have found plenty of men who can....