Written by Jackie

14 Aug 2009

My husband Jake sent in an email regarding my change of life style and I would like to correct and add a little to his story.

Because of the privacy experienced at our house in Spain, Jake tends to sunbathe naked and walk about the house naked. Of course I do that when I've had a shower etc, before getting dressed. On this particular day I decided after my shower to just though a robe on, go outside and take it off in front of him, probably to shock more than anything else, as it's so not me. He obviously enjoyed the idea, because he got an instant erection. From my poin of view, it was a new experience, one that I thoroughly enjoyed. We messed about for a few days and as Jake said the last day before his returning home to the UK, we were down at the beach cafe having a few drinks. I actually put the idea into his head that we could maybe walk along the beach, I was keen in have a look at the nudist beach. Off he went to get the towels etc and we started walking to the beach. Before we left the house I put on a thin summer button through dress dress, which I made sure was unbuttoned in the right places.

We arrived at the beach and Jake sorted the towels etc and took off his shirt and shorts, just leaving his boxers. I said that if he wanted me to take my clothes off he'd have to go the whole way. Now you've got to rememberf that neither of us have been on a nudist beach before, so this was completely new. In fact I had never been out without wearing the usual bra and knickers. So off came his trunks and I quickly unbuttoned the few remaining buttons on my dress and let it fall to the ground. I stood for a few minutes looking around and straightaway made eye contact with one guy a few yards further down the beach. For the very first time I felt in control. I stood there touching my tits and pussy and then turned my back on the guy bent over to straighten the towel, so he could get a full view of my pussy, and lay down next to Jake. I lay on my side facing the guy and could see him playing with his cock, which was now erect and beautiful. It was about the same size as Jake's.

I said to Jake I was getting hot, he thought I meant from the sun, and was going for a swim. I was in the water, initially at about waist height, when George and Gary came up to me. My husband was obviously not watching at this stage. There was the normal sort of small talk. The guys were very complementary about my body and particularly my tits, which are my pride and joy, but as with that day were also a giveaway, with my nipples standing out proud. At that point I decided to go a little deeper, in more ways than one, getting out to shoulder height. The guys were now closer to me and with the sway of the tide George was gently pushed against me. He had a massive hard on as it brushed against my thigh. I instinctively put my hand onto it. He asked if I liked it and said why don't you hold Gary's aswell, to steady youself in the water. I didn't need asking twice. Here I was with two cocks in my hand, with my husband watching oblivious to what was going on. George was now massaging my tits from behind and Gary had his fingers probing my pussy. Gary bobbed under the water for a closer look , followed by George, who took greta delight in eating me while he was down there. George lifted by up and slid his cock right into me, it was sureal. Hubby on the beach soaking up the sun and me being screwed stupid by 2 complete strangers.

As Jake said in his piece, he was going home the following day and George and Gary were keen for more of the action, so put Jake and the spot and he agreed that I could see them again. I saw Jake off and for the rest of the day was pampering myself for my next meeting with the two G's. I put on the same dress and went down to the beach, making sure that I had a good drink before I left. I saw George roughly where he was the day before, but there were two other guys with him and Gary. They were all gentlemen as they stood up as I approached and introduced themselves. They were of course already naked and i was impressed by the 4 cocks on show. I removed my dress and they invited me to lay in between them. As I lay on my back, the two new guys, David and Mike started to chat away and suggetsed that I should have some sun cream on. They started to massage the cream in and in so doing were turning me on by the second. Dave started to lick my ear, an instant turn on. Mike had now reached my pussy which was absolutely dripping. I couldn't stand it any longer and I grabbed hold of Mike's cock and started wanking it. I was really high and pushed Mike onto his back and mounted him. He had by far the biggest of the cocks on offer. Before I can tell you abou the following ten days, I need to relate it all to my hubby, so watch this space as they say.