Written by brendan-g

19 Sep 2013

I have been a long time reader of SH stories but my wife refused to enter further into the swinging scene. We are a mid 50's couple and the wife remains with a size 10 figure that women half her age would be proud of.

We recently decided to play some role play where my wife would pretend to be single and I would pick her up in a hotel bar.

We booked into a lively hotel near Bath and after a bar meal we returned to our room where D (my wife) changed into a figure hugging short red dress. She looked great and I knew she had some sexy underwear underneath. She set off down to the bar and I was to follow 15 mins later.

When I made my way into the bar I saw D sitting at the bar drink in hand and chatting to a chap around mid 30's. I drew up a bar stool, ordered a pint and waited for D to become free. After about 30 mins the chap with D bought another drink for them both and they appeared to sit closer.

After a short while D headed for the ladies so I followed. She explained that Steve who she had been chatting to had offered her a drink as soon as she sat at the bar. She thought he would probably soon leave and I could move in.

On returning to the bar I got a drink and found a more comfortable seat to wait. After a short while D and S got up to dance to the house band. S pulled D closer and I could see a bulge in his trousers expanding.

A while later D headed for the ladies and I followed. D said S seemed taken with her and did I mind. I said no not of course and she could bring him back to the room if she wished as long as I could watch. D thought this maybe strange but I convinced her I could make myself comfortable in the full size wardrobe and watch through the door. D agreed to see how it would develop but suggested that I buy her some condoms from the Gents, just to be safe.

D returned to the bar and I went back to the room and using a spare duvet and pillows made myself comfortable in the wardrobe. After a while a heard giggling at the door and D and S entered.

D said 'I'll just put the kettle on for coffee' , but S pulled her to him and gave her a long kiss. S responded as D gently unzipped her dress which fell to the floor. S stepped back and we both admired D's figure in sexy stockings and underwear. S moved and unclipped D's bra taking he small but pert breasts in his mouth.

D groaned but unbuttoned S's shirt then slipped his trousers and pants off. S's cock was rigid and about 8 inches. D got on her knees and took his cock in her mouth. After a few minutes D stood up and pushed S back on the bed. His cock stood like a flag pole as he lay on his back. D slipped he pants off, straddled S and gently lowered her cunt onto his cock.

At last I was watching another mans cock enter my wife suddenly realising D had forgotten the condoms in her haste.

D bobbed up and down taken his cock fully into her pussy and as S licked her now firm tits D shook into an almighty orgasm. As she calmed S lifted her off his member, turned her over and started pumping her from behind. Again D shuddered pleasure. Anther 5 mins and S turned her missionary style. As his dripping cock cam from her pussy it appeared to have grown to a good 10 inches. Again a looked on as s's cock slowly entered my wife. S pumped an pumped until with a groan he impregnated D with his sperm.

After a few minutes S rolled off D and I could see his semen dripping from her cunt.

D with great aplomb said S would have to leave which he did leaving his number if she wanted to repeat the experience.

As he left I grabbed D pushed onto the bed and stuck my rock hard cock into her sopping wet pussy. Although well stretched and sloppy within seconds I was shooting my own sperm to join S's.

We will have to wait now to see if D will fully enter the swinging scene.