Written by paul

13 Aug 2009

This is going to be short but its true and worth doing yourself if you can.

My mate and I have always talked about our wives; we even swap intimate photos of our women to each other. I think over the years we each now know everything about our respective partners. It’s great when we go out as couples together knowing he is thinking about my wife sexually and visa-versa.

But our women would never swing so it’s just fantasy for us guys.

Then the other week I was telling him about my wife’s new rabbit vibrator and how she loved it and he said he would have to get one for his wife.

We didn’t plan the following but coincidentally he got one identical and jokingly I said we could swap them round and they wouldn’t have a clue.

He loved the idea.

So now we synchronise it so that we when both women have well used their vib’s the following day we meet up and swap them over, unwashed of course.

It is fantastic inserting a vib up inside your woman when it is crusty with your mate’s wife’s love juice and even his cum. My wife has even licked and sucked on it to wet it up prior to sticking it in.

Well I said short!