Written by me

14 Jun 2010

The wife has always once a month gone out with her mates from work, last week though we had a massive row before she went out, id been out during the afternoon and blown in £150 on those stupid roulette machines in the bookies.

Obviously she went mad as money is a bit tight but being half cut i said fuck off you fat cow. Of she stormed not so much as a kiss or see you later love. Any how i sat at home slowly stewing away realising what a prick i had been. As usual she arrived home just after 1`oclock i went to see her and apologised for earlier told her i loved her, but what happened next blew me away, she burst into tears and asked if i loved her?

of course i do why? well i didn't mean for it to happen but i have just been fucked by the cabbie, now i cant explain this but far from getting mad my knob was getting hard.

I pulled her towards me and held her face and gave her a long kiss,then lifting up her skirt i pulled her knickers aside and my fingers slipped easily into her hairy pussy,no condom i asked? no I'm so sorry she said.

I was now shaking my mouth was dry i just kissed her again and turned her around against the kitchen work top pulled her skirt and knickers down and pushed my cock in her lovely wet pussy. The feeling was amazing the smell the wetness another mans sperm on my cock,but i wasn't mad i pumped away and dully added my cum up her.

We then went upstairs and i pulled to the bed lying on my back i asked her to sit on top i wanted to fuck her again so badly. I then asked about the fuck, are you sure she said, please just tell me my cock was rock hard again as she slid down with both hands on my chest she looked me straight in the eye and said as she was on the way home sat in the front she noticed the Asian young lad looking down at her bare legs. That's when i thought about you and fuck you she said i opened them a bit and lifted my skirt enough so he could see my knickers ,his hand went down and started to stroke my thigh honey.God as she was slowly riding my cock i then noticed her smudged lipstick,did you kiss him i asked yes and i sucked his circumcised cock. Slowly up and down on my cock her pussy was amazing the feel of his and my previous cum around my balls was like nothing i had felt before.

She said that he pulled over un did his fly and just offered her his prick she said it felt so good so dirty sucking another man off, he then reclined the seats and just pushed me back honey now he was hard i was going to get it. He didn't even play with my pussy just shoved his fat prick inside me and started to fuck me for about 5 minutes hard and fast, i could feel myself getting ready to cum again, she then went on he tried to pull out of me but i wanted his cum inside of me like you know.... as she said that i fired my second load inside her used spunk dump, She lifted herself up and rubbed her mound all over my chest letting the cum dribble on me.

The next morning we had the most amazing fuck again i even pleaded with her not to wash her fanny for a couple of days. I fucking loved it and have now persuaded to let me drop her off in local towns just so she can get fucked again and again for me.