Written by jigglenut

15 Aug 2012

well to all of you who read and commented on my story a couple of weeks ago Debra and I did meet again the weekend with Paul from her work as arranged and the following is what happened.

We arranged a meeting to include a lite meal and drinks at our house as we would feel more comfortable in surroundings we knew. Deb had the usual shower and was wearing a black skirt and blouse with the customary sexy underwear and stockings beneath. Paul arrived about 8pm as arranged and small talk was exchanged through the evening and we all got to know a little more about each other. It developed that Paul had always wanted to fuck Deb and most of the men in the office where she works with Paul also discussed this as do most men when at work. I think this just turned Deb on more and more as she quizzed Paul on who said what and what they would like to do to her. I decided that I would clear the things from the table and begin the clear up and just left the two of them chatting and drinking more wine as I went into the kitchen to make a coffee. I must have been in the kitchen for about 10 to 15 minutes and then made my way back down the hall into the lounge. when I arrived at the doorway I could see that Deb and Paul were sitting together kissing and him feeling up her breasts through her blouse. I just turned to the coffee table and put down the tray and then walked back out of the room saying "just enjoy her and I will be with you in 10". At that I left the room but only to watch through a gap in the door as he began to undress her. First he removed the blouse and then her bra to allow her large breasts to swing free and then he stood her up and pulled the zip on her skirt to let it fall to the floor. This left Deb stood there with her top half bare and with just stockings and a suspender belt on and no knickers as she hadn't bother to wear any. She looked so sexy and at that Paul stood next to her and began to kiss her again and lowered his hand to push two fingers between Debs legs as she parted them slightly for him to gain access. I walked back into the kitchen to allow them a little bit more time and when I again returned after another 15 mins they were both naked and Debra was greedily sucking on Pauls cock as though her life depended on it.

I began to undress and stripped fully naked and went over to join them both " your wife is fucking awesome" was the response from Paul as her push his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. " I know" I said "lets really give her a seeing to tonight" and I guided my hard cock towards Debs face and she obliged by sucking my cock then Pauls cock in turn. I said to Paul "I need to see you fuck her good and proper Paul" and he manouvred around so that he could guide Deb over to the sofa where he lay her down and then positioned himself between her legs. He offered his cock up to Debra's now very wet pussy and pushed it in right up to the ball sack and Deb blurted out "Fuck me Paul that's lovely please fuck me hard". Paul began to thrust his cock into Deb harder and harder and her whole body was being moved as he did this lolting every time he slapped hard into her. debra was moaning very loudly and was getting close to orgasm and within minutes Paul thrust hard and Debra screamed out as a wave of exstasy over come her and her body writhed and stiffened with every further thrust from Paul.

I was stood at the side of the sofa watching everything as it happened and encouraging Paul to continue and he said "I am close to cumming" to which I replied "shoot your hot cum over her Paul, I want to see it". I began to wank harder as Paul thrust his cock into her and as he pulled out his cock a spurt of hot cum from him shot across Debs stomach and breasts and I myself began to cum and we both shot spurt after spurt of cum over Debra's body. when we had finished Debra was lying there with cum dripping down her body and her breasts which she rubbed in by moving her hands across herself in a very erotic way.

Paul moved away from the sofa and sat in one of the chairs where he looked at Debra and said "work would never believe me if I told them".

It worked out well for my wife ad I and we have agreed to meet again but not on too regular basis as we need to keep the excitement there as well but I'm sure there will be other men now that she has experienced one.