Written by all3somefun

22 Jan 2017

sorry this is a bit long winded, going back to my previous post ( what is the matter with guys ) I referred in there to how last year her attitude to us meeting guys changed entirely for no apparent reason. I will elaborate more on this and the events leading to this change. we have been meeting guys for over twenty years now, always at my instigation and her with reluctance saying that she was only doing it to keep me happy but once into it letting herself go and for the most part enjoying it. I never get involved other than to watch, wank into her panties after the guy takes them off of her and take photos of all the action. I always felt that she was holding back a bit though because she knew I was there watching and a couple of things that had happened in past meetings when I left the room but accidently left the video camera running seemed to confirm this. I have always had this kink about her becoming a sub slut for a dominant guy or guys, doing anything she was told to without question and for her to meet them without her telling me to see how far she would go but I wanted the guys to keep me totally informed of everything unbeknown to her, take pics of her in action and send them to me, keep her panties and give them to me at a private meeting later. obviously something like this is very difficult to arrange, how do you find genuine guys prepared to honestly go along with things but not take advantage of the situation.

well I had been chatting on line to a guy who was reasonably local to us and over the course of a few months had put my thoughts over to him. He said that he would be prepared to try and keep me fully informed of everything as it happened so I arranged a meet with for a Friday night at a pub close to where he lived. we arrived about ten minutes before the agreed time to find a fairly busy pub. we managed to find an empty bench at the edge of the beer garden and sat there, her sitting opposite me. the guy text me saying he was there and I text him back telling him where we were. He arrived and after introducing him he sat down next to her and they started chatting like old friends. within a couple of minutes I could see that his hand was up her skirt, it wasn't long before she was wriggling about and as she started cumming she was biting her lip to stop herself making any noise. she composed herself and said she needed the loo and off she went. after she had gone I said to the guy that it looked as though she fancied him and that he should push things along and to try and get her phone number and arrange a date with her without me to see if she would go for it. when she returned she sat down but this time sat astride the bench facing the guy and actually hitched her skirt up above her stocking tops, from where I was sitting I could see her panties, within seconds the guys hand was inside the leg of her panties and it was obvious his fingers were up her. at this point I thought I would leave them alone and give him a bit of time to see if he could get her phone number so I said I needed the loo and left them. I took my time wandering back slowly and as they came into view I could see he was still fingering her but now they were kissing passionately, instead of sitting back down with them I asked if anyone wanted another drink and went off to the bar to get them. there was a bit of a queue and again I took my time returning. this time as they came into view I could see her tits were out and the guy was sucking on one of them while still fingering her, two guys on the next bench along were breaking their necks trying to see what was going on. as I sat down she put her tits away ( he told me later that he had eased one out and she had pulled the other one out for him ) next thing she says to me could she fuck him here there and now, I said its too bloody busy lets go back to his, he left to get his car and we got into ours but as we got into ours she shocked me. she told me that he had asked to meet her again but without me being there and that he wanted her phone no, but the shock was that she said she wanted to do it. I acted surprised and said that I didn't know if I could handle that but she went on saying that it would only be for sex and that she would come home with her cunt full of his spunk for me ( her words ) I told her I wasn't sure and we would talk about it later, I asked if she had given him her number and she said no. we got to his place and went in, she asked for the loo and disappeared again I told him that she was definitely up for it and to push her all the way. she came out of the bathroom and had stripped down to her undies, I said fucking hell that's a bit quick isn't it and she replied well we all know what I'm here for no point in wasting time is there and with that she stood in front of him and began kissing him. he slowly took her bra and panties off as she helped him out of his clothes then they got down to it on the sofa. he fucked her in two or three different positions as I took pics before he came up her. they then sat having a drink and chatting for a while before she started rubbing her foot on his cock, he soon got hard again and pulled her into the bedroom, I followed them in and took a few more pics before letting them know I was going outside for a ciggie. I made a big show of leaving but then crept back to stand outside the bedroom door listening. I could hear lots of whispering but couldn't make out what was being said then I suddenly heard a loud slap followed by a couple more. I peered around the door and she was on her hands and knees on the bed he was fucking her from behind and he was slapping her arse cheeks really hard. she was crying out for him to do it harder and he was obliging, he came up her with a loud grunt and just held it in her till he slipped out. by this time I had entered the room so he told her to lay on her back and open her legs so I could see his spunk up her, she rolled over and did what he said, I took a couple of pics before she went off to the bathroom. the guy told me that she had given him her phone number and she said that she would meet him. now this guy was exceptionally endowed in fact I'm pretty sure he was only about five inches but he certainly knew how to use it. she came out of the bathroom fully dressed and we left. when we got in the car she started on again about him wanting to meet her along and how she really wanted to do it, I kept up the pretence on not being sure that could handle it and asked her if she had given him her phone number and she told me she hadn't. I thought you bloody liar but let it go. all the way home she was asking if she could meet him and I kept saying we will talk about it tomorrow. when we got home I took her to bed and fucked her myself.

the following day at work I received a text from the guy saying that he had been in touch with her and she had agreed to meet him the following Friday evening. that evening when I got home she told me that the guy had text her asking her to meet, I asked how he had got her number and she said that she must have given it to him but didn't remember doing it. I told her that if she really wanted to meet him to go ahead and do it but that I couldn't have any idea of how I would handle it and left things at that. nothing was mentioned about it for the next couple of days and the guy never got in touch so out of curiosity I went online to the phone provider and checked her phone out. it showed that she had sent seventy odd texts to the guy over a couple of days so I asked her about it. she point blank denied it and even when I pulled the website up and showed her she insisted that they must have made a mistake and would not admit it. well we sat down and had a long talk about our sex lives, mainly me talking, I told her that she could fuck any guy she wanted but that I wanted to be there and to fuck her afterwards as for me it was a massive turn on but that I didn't think I could handle it her going out to meet guys on her own and coming home well fucked. the following day the guy text me saying that she had been in touch with him and told him she wouldn't feel right meeting him on her own as it would feel like cheating on me and that she loved me and wouldn't do it. now if she did meet the guy or not I don't know she has plenty of time on her hands during the days so has the opportunity but ever since her attitude has changed towards meeting guys. now she will say to me that she fancies or could do with a good shag and to arrange a meet which I do although in recent months we've had the misfortune to find a few timewasters. am I lucky or is she getting it elsewhere as well? who knows